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“Even This Will Fade” Lingers in the Mind With Beautiful Stories

“She just hoped Stella would survive, because not everyone did.” – Even This Will Fade by Cassidy Betrand

Everytime I pass by this line, I can’t help but feel the chills crawl through my spine. “Even This Will Fade” is a collection of poems and short stories written by Cassidy Betrand, one of our talented interns at NYC Tastemakers. Each story facilitates a journey in finding a diamond in the rough, catered to personal escape and self-identity.

The stories that Cassidy provides with her heart entails different perspectives of how we go through sadness, depression, and tough moments in life, but it universally shows us how we can connect and proceed with experience. It’s the type of book that evokes a temporary mirage of life’s difficulties and presents hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Yes, “Even This Will Fade” is short in its stature, but it provides a powerful examination for young readers on the relatable approaches in depression and anxiety. The ink stains a powerful girl who struggles to please people through her wit and charm when deep down inside, she needs to heal herself. In her heart lies a monster that convinces the inner state that you will never be good enough. The underlying theme of self-worth is beautifully crafted through the poems. With each mistake and error the characters make, the craft could only be more enticing.

The book is populated with some of the deepest yet thrilling characters you would encounter in storytelling. In the poem “Captured,” a young girl believes she is trapped in the void when truly, she is trapped in her own state of mind. The girl reminds herself to become the person she wishes to be, but her negative thoughts and insecurities caged her in the mind. Unable to move or think for herself, the only way to overcome these insecurities is that the girl must believe in herself and her gift. The poem alone reminisces the struggles that young adults have gone through, and there is no timelier release for this book than the close call of the pandemic. As the pandemic shattered the dreams of many in their love lives, career, and family, confidence and strength emerged from the ashes of doubt.

Although each character presents staining flaws, reading “Even This Will Fade” has been a pleasant journey through similar experiences I’m going through as a young adult. “Because I like the broken me better…” is one of the most pitiful and touching moments of the book as a reminder of how we are what we are today because of our history. For those who enjoy a light read that dwells in sadness and self-love, you might find yourself an amazing treat after reading this book.
Even This Will Fade is Cassidy Betrand’s second published short story collection. It is a read that cannot be missed. You can get your copy here on Amazon.


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