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Photo Credit: Mark Seliger/Rolling Stone

Even though he is everywhere, Lin Manuel Miranda is an excellent songwriter (Op-Ed)

It would seem that Lin-Manuel Miranda is now omnipresent. From his iconic role in the revolutionary musical “Hamilton” to his cameos in popular TV shows like “Percy Jackson,” his impact on mainstream culture is immense. But Miranda’s skill is most on display in the world of musical theater.

“Hamilton,” a groundbreaking masterwork that has reimagined the genre, is central to Miranda’s praise. By incorporating hip-hop beats and modern relevance into the tale of Alexander Hamilton, Miranda brings it to life in her masterwork. A cultural phenomenon emerges as a consequence, one that goes beyond the stage and starts conversations about America’s past, present, and future.

As a composer, Miranda stands out due to his unmatched talent at fusing narrative with music. Wordplay abounds in his lyrics for “Hamilton,” which deftly combine historical details with profound emotional resonance. “My Shot” and “Non-Stop” are only two examples of Miranda’s ability to write meaningful lyrics and memorable melodies that stay with listeners long after the act ends.

But Miranda’s genius isn’t limited to “Hamilton.” Consider the obscure masterpiece that is “21 Chump Street,” which showcases his mastery of storytelling. Miranda demonstrates his talent for condensing intricate stories into strong but concise songs by weaving a riveting tale of love and deceit in just fourteen minutes.

An then there is “tick, tick… BOOM!”, Miranda’s latest foray into filmmaking, further establishes him as a shining star in Hollywood. While demonstrating his own directing chops, Miranda pays tribute to Jonathan Larson in this video. He demonstrates his adaptability and lasting impact by deftly navigating the intricacies of narrative across several platforms.

But there have been obstacles along Miranda’s path to success. His meteoric climb to fame is a tribute to his tenacity and dedication to his art, which propelled him from modest origins in Washington Heights to international praise on Broadway. A staunch advocate for diversity and inclusion in the arts, Miranda has won plaudits for his theatrical performances that include various voices and tales.

It is impossible to deny the influence that Lin-Manuel Miranda has had on the musical theater industry. He has done more than just amuse people with his innovative works; he has also questioned norms and started important discussions. Lin-Manuel Miranda will be remembered for his creative storytelling and artistic contributions for many years to come, since his impact on the entertainment industry is far from over.


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