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Excited For The Brendan Fraser Renaissance? Then You Should Watch Doom Patrol

If you’re like me, The Mummy and Journey to the Center of the Earth were childhood favorite films with thrills and scares perfect for the whole family. The main star holding them both together? None other than Brendan Fraser, an actor who ruled the 90s and early 2000s. However, the 2010s saw a disappearance that was later found out to be due to unfair Hollywood blacklisting, harassment from former president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, depression, and learning to find his place among the new way of promoting and making films. Fortunately, the last few years we’ve been able to see a resurgence of Fraser on screens both big and small. He’s recently been tapped to work with film hard hitters like Darren Arronofsky and Steven Sodorbergh, as well as starring in Martin Scorcese’s next film next to Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio. Although, if you really want to see Fraser shine, you should be watching Doom Patrol on HBO Max.

Doom Patrol is one of the quirkiest, weirdest, and funniest superhero shows out now about underrated, cult favorite DC characters. It also holds some surprisingly emotional moments that should not be as impactful as they are amongst all the craziness (like a donkey that farts portals, musical numbers, Timothy Dalton having a romance with a cavewoman, and imaginary friends coming to life).

Brendan Fraser’s character, Robotman aka Cliff Steele, is one of the best in the series. A former racecar driver whose brain was the only part left after an accident that killed his wife, Cliff spends his time dropping the F bomb every 20 seconds and trying to make peace with his new robot body. The third season shows Cliff making amends with his estranged daughter and bonding with his new grandson.

The first three episodes of the season premiered September 23rd on HBO Max with new episodes dropping every Thursday.

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