Exercise Myths You Need To Train Yourself Out Of Believing

While many people grow enthusiastic about exercising and losing weight in the springtime in order to achieve your “summer body,” it is important to maintain a solid exercise routine yearlong, and not neglect your health, even in the fall and winter. However, the simple mistake that people make is adhering to common myths about working out, ultimately leaving them less healthy or not with the body that they have worked so hard for. 

If your goal is to lose weight, a popular misconception is that only cardio will help you to shed some pounds, but weight training is actually a crucial addition to any workout routine that ensures your fat is turning into muscle. Mayo Clinic shared that only 20-30 minutes of cardio a day is needed, supplemented with strength training, such as squatting with kettlebells or bench pressing, considering “the more muscle you have, the more calories your body is going to burn, especially during cardio.” Additionally, while many go into the gym with a goal to lose a specific number of pounds, your actual weight does not determine the amount of fat on your body. In fact, regularly doing cardio and lifting weights while also eating an increased amount of protein may actually increase your weight, even though you are ultimately healthier and most likely look more fit and lean.

With the insane amount of Youtube videos available advertising “15 Minute Easy Workout To Lose Belly Fat!” or “Get Victoria’s Secret Model Legs With These Exercises,” one may think that there is a quick fix to changing whatever area of your body you want to alter— but unfortunately that is not the case. While certain workouts can especially strengthen abdominal and glute muscles, doing 10 minutes of core everyday will sadly not give you a six-pack. In order to actually lose fat or gain muscle, your entire body needs to be engaged, and it is a common myth that certain areas can be targeted. 

Finally, one of the biggest deterrents that keeps people from exercising is the time commitment, with the expectation being that you need to spend at least an hour or two in the gym every single day to make any progress. However, those who are busy bees are in luck, with doctors recommending only about 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week, as well as 75 minutes of more intense exercise, equalling out to only 30 minutes per day. With these exercise myths now busted, alter your exercise routine accordingly, and observe the positive changes to your body and overall health! 


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