Extension on Infrastructure Bill

The $1 trillion infrastructure bill that was said to be passed this week is getting an extension. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelos, is avoiding calling this a defeat, but instead claims that just “more time is needed.” This time is not to make a new bill, but to see how more can be convinced that this bill is essential.  The moderate Democrats of the house are remaining hopeful, but this bill is unappealing to more than just one group. 

It doesn’t come as a shock that Republican representatives are opposing the bill. Initially, it was assumed that the bill could be passed without having to pull many across party lines in the house. Pelosi’s concern was the senate, but now there is no trouble to pass it in the senate until it can be passed in the house. Unfortunately for Pelosi, there are progressives that are not going to pass legislation either, if it only costs $1 Trillion.

For this bill to ever move forward, either the progressives in the house have to be on board or Republicans would have to be convinced. Progressives are demanding another $3.5 Trillion to support social programs as well as infrastructure. If any Republicans were at all interested in the bill, this additional spending measure would quickly turn them away. 

While many can guess that the moderate Democrats are going to cave to this extra spending demand, congress has already struggled with the debt ceiling this year. Spending has been at an all-time high during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Constituents are wondering if this infrastructure bill is really necessary right now. 

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