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Fall Comfort Foods For the Colder Weather

Autumn is the season for comfort. As the leaves fall and the temperature gradually (or suddenly if you live in New York) drops, we ease into our cozy sweaters and coats. We begin to spend a little more time indoors with family, friends or maybe that special someone. While there’s plenty of things you can do to get into the fall mood, cooking up some delicious autumn-themed comfort dishes is one of the best ways to ring in the season. So, I’m here to offer up some fall comfort foods that will warm you up as the weather outside gets chilly.

The first dish I will be recommending is fairly obvious, but it’s a staple for this time of year, nonetheless. Nothing screams “fall” quite like some good homemade pie, whether that’s some pumpkin pie or some apple pie. I personally prefer apple pie, but I cannot deny the fall aesthetic that baking a pumpkin pie has, not to mention that it works in October for Halloween and in November for Thanksgiving. A nice freshly baked pie that was made with love is the perfect dessert in this season and is a lot of fun to make.  

Another great dish to make in the fall is a spicy pumpkin and presto cheese-stuffed shells. This pasta dish would normally use marinara for the sauce, but to give an autumn-twist swapping that out for a creamy pumpkin sauce with a nice subtle spicy kick gives the dish new life. It’s perfect for a night in which you’re craving some Italian, but also craving some fall flavors. You can’t go wrong with a dish that incorporates cheese as well.

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