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Families Of Color Missing Loved Ones Ask For Help With Investigations

As the Gabby Petitio case gains more traction with her body being found and the FBI still searching for her fiancé, Brian Laundrie, families of color with missing loved ones question why their investigations are not being treated with the same sort of media attention. One such case is Daniel Robinson, a 24 year-old geologist who went missing in Arizona 3 months ago. His father, David Robinson, hired his own private detective and put together search groups after the police proved unhelpful in finding his son. In response to the attention given to Petito, Robinson stated, “You wish you lived in a world where everything is equal but it’s not really equal.”

In a study conducted by Northwestern School of Law in 2016 about “Missing White Woman Syndrome,” it was found that more time and media awareness was given to white women and girls who had gone missing. This is because it is believed society is more readily able to identify with white women as being their own “mothers and daughters.” It was also found that missing Black people are way less likely in comparison to gain attention from the press, and even when they do, they will still have way less coverage than those who are white.
Thanks to the internet, however, more traction is being given to these minority cases. The woman who originally posted about Gabby Petito on TikTok, Haley Toumaian, promised to continue creating videos about missing persons, especially those of people of color who have gone unnoticed. Several have already begun to garner attention and bring new awareness to their respective GoFundMe campaigns and searches. These include Toni Jacobs’ Daughter, Keeshae Jacobs, who has been missing since 2016; Kimberly Bryan’s sister, Tiffany Foster, who went missing in March, and Lauren Cho, who was last seen in Yucca Valley of California.

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