Fashionable in Quarantine? Is it Possible?

When quarantine began in mid-March no one thought how serious and pressing this virus would become. Fast forward to mid-May and we are still under quarantine and we are starting to get used to this insane new life that has been thrown at us.

Now, I’m not one to say that I wear jeans in my house as leisure, it’s just not something any sane person would do… is it? Do you wear jeans in the house? There isn’t anything necessarily wrong with it, but how about re-vamping your leisure wear?

When we’re at home, we are in our safe haven. Comfort being the optimal goal and fashion and style are put on the back burner. Say goodbye to “fashion/beauty is pain.” 

Hello, Loungewear! Comfortable, coveted, and forever in style, loungewear has become the “it” ensemble when it comes to being quarantined.

But there is a step up from loungewear that will keep you cool, comfortable, and stylish all the same. We’ve all, by now, have been in the situation of needing to get into a Zoom call with our boss and peers but the couch has officially taken a mold of our bodies. This loungewear trend has actually cracked open an even bigger revelation; getting dressed and putting an outfit that takes effort provides so much more of a sense of normalcy and gives us a mental boost!

Although loungewear has been quietly making its way to mainstream fashion before the Coronavirus outbreak, it’s become capitalized because ladies want to stay cute and sassy even in their messy buns in quarantine! We’re moving beyond the oversized t-shirts, hoodie, biker shorts, and platform sneakers trend and onto a relaxed, tailored slouchy trouser, drawstring linen pants, silky fabrics, and cropped sweaters.

“People are getting a little more creative with how they’re interpreting loungewear,” said Goop fashion director Ali Pew. “They want to feel pulled together.”

Online retailer ASOS said sales of its not-so basic tracksuits in premium fabrics, and elevated sleeve details are up 200% compared to the same time last year. The brand’s $35 oversize joggers have sold out in five colors, according to a company spokesperson.

Edited, a retail data company, said tracksuits and matching sweatsuit sales were up 70% in April compared to February. And sweatpants were up almost 80% in April, the company said.

Retailers are taking no breaks pushing out communications in a vast amount of channels such as Instagram, email subscriptions, Twitter, and Facebook.

Matching sweat suits, especially monochromatic muted colors like nudes and blush, are trending, as well as tie dye and utility trends like dressy sweatpants with pockets — a new take on cargo pants. 

Luxury online retailer Net-a-Porter, lingerie and loungewear had the largest sales increase worldwide of any category besides beauty products. Track pants were again a key driver, up more than 1,300% compared to last year, the company said.

Beyond the scope of fashion, this trend is reflecting a sense of our old daily routines that we had taken for granted, and we are now realizing that getting dressed serves a purpose more than aesthetic, but emotional.

So, the next time you’re pilfering in your closet wondering what you could wear for the day’s seemingly menial tasks, try and up your game from recycled sweats to slinky and slouchy wear instead!


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