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Feid announces release date for his new album

In a thrilling announcement that has set the music world abuzz, Feid, one of the most influential urban artists in the industry, revealed that his highly anticipated album ” Mor, No Le Temas a la Oscuridad ” is set to make its debut on September 29. To make the news even sweeter for his fans, he surprised them with a brand-new single titled “Ferxxo 151,” a collaboration with Icon.

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The new album’s tracklist

The confirmation of this exciting project came not only through a social media post on Feid’s Instagram account but also from his representatives, solidifying the news and raising the excitement levels among his dedicated followers. 

This upcoming album marks a significant milestone in Feid’s career, following a year that can only be described as a resounding success, with his tracks consistently claiming top spots on global music charts.

Remembering his previous album “Feliz Cumpleaños Ferxxo Te Pirateamos El Album,” it’s clear that Feid has experienced both challenges and triumphs along his musical journey. Despite facing the setback of having his work “pirated,” the album not only pushed him to overcome adversity but also elevated his profile, ultimately propelling him to become one of the most recognizable and respected figures in the reggaetón scene.

Feid’s recent return from his European tour has left a trail of sold-out venues and ecstatic fans in his wake. The energy of his performances in Spain, London, and the Netherlands, where throngs of people dressed in vibrant green gathered to witness his magic, is a testament to his global appeal and stage prowess. 

The vivid memories of these shows were still fresh as he graced

Mexican stages as well, treating audiences in Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Puebla, and the celebrated Baja Beach Fest to unforgettable, once again sold out, concerts.

The numbers don’t lie, and Feid’s streaming achievements speak volumes about his popularity. As the 10th most streamed artist on Spotify Global, he has amassed an astounding 24 billion digital streams across his musical repertoire. This accomplishment solidifies his status as one of Colombia’s proudest musical exports, representing the nation on the global stage with unparalleled charisma and talent.

As the release date of ” Mor, No Le Temas a la Oscuridad” draws nearer, fans and music enthusiasts worldwide are holding their breath in anticipation. So, mark your calendars for September 29, as Feid ushers in a new era of urban music, inviting us all to embrace the darkness and dance to its rhythm. And in the meantime, let “Ferxxo 151” be the soundtrack that keeps the excitement alive.


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