Fentanyl Epidemic in Florida: How to Stay Safe During Spring Break

Florida is one of the most popular states to travel to for spring break, more specifically, South Florida. The whole month of March is a hot spot for beach cities like Fort Lauderdale and Miami. With all the crazy college kids comes all the crazy partying. South Florida has been known for a variety of bad things that happen during spring break, such as theft, drinks getting spiked, and one of the biggest issues to this day-overdosing. Take extra precautions this year to ensure you have a safe but still fun spring break. 

Why Fentanyl Cases Spike During Spring Break

Over the past few years, there has been an alarming increase in fentanyl-induced deaths in Florida. Usually, there is a big spike around this time of year because the state is filled with college kids who are here solely to party. This, unfortunately, makes them easy targets because they are so young and in an unfamiliar area and usually intoxicated the majority of the time. The scariest part is that most people unknowingly intake fentanyl, and you don’t even have to be the one “doing the drug” to be affected by it.  Law enforcement has said, “If you can see it, it can kill you.” The drug is so hard to notice most of the time until it’s too late. They say as little as 2 milligrams can be lethal. As terrifying as this sounds, there are ways to avoid getting in contact with fentanyl.

How to Have a Safe Spring Break in Florida

There are many ways to prevent becoming an add-on to the death count that fentanyl creates every year. Not even just in Florida but any new place you visit, it’s best to stay cautious and vigilant at all times. It is so easy to get carried away, especially for young college students, but the first rule you should go by is don’t put anything in your body that you don’t know exactly what it is. Try to avoid getting into unsafe situations with strangers by always sticking by a friend. ALWAYS trust your gut. If something feels off, it probably is. Don’t be afraid to remove yourself from any situation that doesn’t feel safe to you. 

Of course, spring break is all about having a good time and you can absolutely accomplish that while still staying safe.


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