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FIFA Investigates How Celebrity Chef Salt Bae Got Into World Cup Final

On December 18, Argentina triumphed over France during the World Cup final and reveled in an exciting victory. But while people took to the streets to celebrate, something else was afoot in the winner’s circle at the tournament.  Nusret Gökçe, a celebrity chef who became an internet meme and was dubbed “Salt Bae” back in 2017, gained “undue access” during the World Cup championship final, granting him access to the players and the trophy. 

With this newfound access, Salt Bae was photographed with the Argentinian team, including the star player and victor, Lionel Messi, who some fans reported looked annoyed by Salt Bae’s presence and interactions. Fans witnessed him attempting to get his photo taken with the team captain whilst wearing a VIP badge but getting shrugged off instead. But worse still, he was photographed holding the World Cup trophy. This is something that goes directly against the FIFA World Cup rules. The rule states that only a select few may hold the trophy. This includes winners of the World Cup (both past and present), and state officials. 

These actions have led to many negative consequences for the former internet icon. Among said consequences are multiple bans from large events such as the US Open Cup football tournament and the 2023 LA “Rolling Loud” music festival. Not to mention the tremendous backlash on the internet from sports fans. Even “Youtuber” Jake Paul has taken a jab at him, stating in a tweet that Salt Bae “has been disrespecting GOATs way too long.” Because of the mischievous behavior at the world’s most watched sporting event, FIFA officials are taking action. They have opened an investigation to find out how he gained access to the area in the first palace to prevent future intrusions like this from occurring.


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