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Flora Montes, is the Founder and President of Bronx Fashion Week

Bronx native, Flora Montes, is the Founder and President of Bronx Fashion Week. After the loss of her daughter, Montes worked with several organizations in the effort to give back to others in her community. She is a woman of purpose and flexibility; she has and is willing to do it all. The former chef has expanded her venture to working on Bronx Fashion Week, poetry, writing, and various practices of philanthropy.
Urban environments like the Bronx are often associated with aspects of violence and crime. Anyone from a similar background can often attest to the negativity that has been depicted over a place they call home. Montes serves as a trailblazer of her community. It is essential for her to exemplify the beauty and talent of her borough in order to put the Bronx on the map. With this platform, Montes is advocating for more opportunities for young people. She envisions partnering with more Bronx-based community organizations and giving back on a larger scale. So far, the Bronx Fashion Week has helped launch many events and small businesses. Overall, Montes would like to encourage entrepreneurial spirits and bring ideas to life. Her lasting impression and legacy for children and young adults is to teach them that they have the ability to succeed. The children and young adults need to know that if they want it bad enough, they have to sacrifice, hard work, and get an education.
Flora Montes has also performed notable work with G.I.R.L organization serving as a mentor. When asked about commonalities she has constructed about the upcoming generation of women she declared that young women are finding success and creating new paths, and we need to celebrate that. As a woman of inclusion, she recognizes elder women who are continuously establishing a name for themselves. There are women starting things later in their life, concurring that “age is nothing but a number.”
Montes is an inspiration to all people. Whether you are a native of an urban environment, Montes can teach you about seeing the beauty in what seems to be destruction. If you are suffering from a loss, she is a person you can vent to about channeling your sorrow into a driving force. Lastly when society pressures you to confine to one profession, spread your wings like Montes and pursue all that you can. With a light-hearted spirit, anything is possible through the divine intent of being for the greater good.


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