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Food Hacks from TikTok that Actually Work

TikTok is a magical social media platform. From reviews of skin-care products, beauty tutorials, and fitness challenges, you can learn a lot from the app in a matter of seconds – literally.

Finding tips and tricks in the kitchen that actually work can be a lifesaver, and TikTok won’t let you down – most of the time. It can be hard to weed out what works and what doesn’t. 

I put some hacks to the test, so you don’t have to. 

Cutting a Bell Pepper

The little seeds of bell peppers get everywhere but don’t worry; there’s a hack for that. The first thing is to cut the stem off and then flip the pepper upside down on a cutting board. Slice along the grooves of the pepper, which should create four wedges, and then you can peel them away from the center of the pepper and cut off the bottom. The core of seeds stays mostly intact, and you can get to snacking sooner with less cleanup time.

Slicing Cherry Tomatoes

I don’t know about you, but I am prone to cutting myself with a knife, especially with smaller veggies. Instead of slicing them one at a time, place a flat surface – like the lid of a Tupperware – on top of the tomatoes and then slice them in a horizontal motion. The lid keeps the tomatoes in place, and you cut them in one fell swoop. Quick and easy.

Strip Fresh herbs with a Box Grater

You don’t need anything fancy to strip fresh herbs (removing the leaves from the stem). All you do is place the stem through the holes of the box grater and gently pull. Voila! Simple, easy, and takes less than 5 seconds.

Getting Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice Without a Knife

Want fresh lemon juice but don’t want to fish out the seeds? Roll the lemon with light pressure to soften the pulp on the inside. Then, take a metal skewer and poke a hole vertically through the lemon from one end to the other but stop before you pierce through the opposite end. Now, you’re ready to go! Pull the skewer out and point the lemon with the opening side down toward a glass or bowl, and squeeze. 


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