Starbucks is the Franchise that Just Keeps Growing!

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Just when we thought that the Starbucks franchise couldn’t get much bigger (they have locations across the street from other locations!) we were hit with a surprise announcement the other day. It turns out that they were not content being the leading coffeehouse in the country. No, Starbucks execs are looking to expand to a different kind of crowd with a new “non-branded” location inside of Macy’s flagship location in Herald Square. What does that mean, you ask? The new non-branded Starbucks will feature different types of coffee not on the Starbucks menu, as well as alcoholic beverages like beer and wine. It definitely isn’t your typical coffee shop.

The new location, known as The Herald Square Café, will be the 6th Starbucks coffee shop inside of the Macy’s and it will be located near the women’s shoe department on the 2nd floor. I guess that means that you can mull over prospective shoe purchases with a nice glass of wine. Clever thinking Starbucks!

There have been other “stealth Starbucks” locations in the past, with the first located in its hometown of Seattle. However, execs have been quick to mention that the two are very different types of cafés, catering to very different types of crowds. But one thing remains clear: if this non-Starbucks does well, it could mean more stealth locations in the future!

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