Should Junk food be regulated like alcohol?

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Public health officials now believe that our environment had made it easy for us to access chips, soft drinks, cheeseburgers and any other unhealthy sweets which make it impossible to avoid overeating. Overeating foods like these can lead to diabetes, obesity (which can limit mobility), unhealthy attitudes, heart failure and many over side-effects.

Here are ways Researcher has suggested:

  1. Restrict the amount of junk food: Moderating the sale of junk foods in places that aren’t primarily food outlets like vending machines at schools or candy place at nearly at every clothing or even hardware stores. States should have limit “snack food licenses” similar to licenses that are issued to permit the sale of alcohol.
  2. Display restrictions: Cigarettes are kept behind counters in some states; beer can’t be sold in temporary displays. Even in supermarkets some products are placed in curtain locations within the store itself, even place products within eye level for it to be notice. So why not place Sugary cereal away from young eyes, like on the top shelf instead of the bottom.
  3. Portion Control: Just as the government has set the standard serving size for alcohol so people can count how many drinks they’ve had, junk foods should share a similar serving size, set maximum serving size should be set for foods that are high in calories and low in nutritional value.
  4. Pricing regulations: If you remember the taxes on soda, then this would be apply to everything else. Setting a higher price on junk foods will discourage consumption.
  5. Warning Labels: Show what we put in our bodies when we consume junks food. If you ever seen those cigarette commercials where they shown what it can do to your body, why not show what can junk food does to the human body?

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