McDonald’s open vegetarian-only restaurants in India

September 5th, 2012   admin   Food



McDonald’s Corp is famously known for their McBurgers, Big Mac and Mc Café, but now the world famous fast food chain is now serving only vegetarian food due to customer preferences on the region. Already McDonald doesn’t not served any beef nor pork, so they have menu catering to the local taste such as Maharaja Mac (which is a Big Mac with chicken patties instead of beef) and a McAloo Tikki, a burger made with spicy breaded potato patty, red onions, tomatoes and a “special vegetable sauce.”

The opening of the vegetarian-only restaurants “further speaks to McDonald’s efforts to cater to local tastes,” spoken by the Oak Brook, Illinois-based company. As for religious reasons, beef is not eaten by Hindus, who make up the majority of India’s population of about 1.3 billion people with only about 250 establishments. McDonald’s new restaurant is the only one that will only served vegetarian meals only unlike other local area that still cater to a meaty menu.


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