Enjoy Amazing Meals Without Leaving Quarantine

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Northern Bergen County has been hit by the Coronavirus. Multiple cities have assigned curfews and regulations of groups of people are meant to prevent the further spread of the virus. Nothing is open past 8 o’clock and the only place you will really see people is grocery stores around the area. Luckily for us, most places still offer delivery and take out options. Some places I definitely recommend are Tenafly Classic Diner, Fort Lee Pizzeria, Brownstone Pancake Factory, Tani in Englewood, Bartolomeos, etc. All these eateries offer high quality, fresh food for a cheap price! The pandemic may stop us from going out and enjoying the ambiance of these locations, but it will definitely not stop us from enjoying these delicious meals in the comfort of our own homes! If cooking is not your thing or you don’t feel comfortable going to the grocery store, these options may be perfect for you!

By: Aman Jain

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