Foods With High Water Levels That Will Keep You Hydrated In The Heat

Even as summer comes to a close, intense heat waves continue to affect Americans nationwide, which means that the most important thing to do is stay hydrated in order to beat the heat. However, sometimes it can be difficult to remember to constantly drink water throughout the day — which is where the crucial element of “eating your water” comes into play. 

While drinking large amounts of water daily is clearly the most effective way to maintain your hydration levels, with WebMD sharing how “you should try to drink between half an ounce and an ounce of water for each pound you weigh, every day,” too many lifestyles can’t afford the flexibility to consistently refill your water bottle. Additionally, the ideal water intake requires that an individual has easy access to water all day long, as well as the inevitable factor of having to frequently use the restroom. However, certain delicious fruits and vegetables that can easily be incorporated into every meal most likely contain more water than you would suspect.

Besides the obvious nutritional benefits, adding fruit into your breakfast every morning will do more than just fuel you for the remainder of the day, but also hydrate you. If you like to add fruit into your cereal or oatmeal, strawberries are the way to go since they are actually 91% water. Additionally, switch out that whole milk for skim milk in your coffee or tea, since skim milk is also comprised of 91% water. Plain yogurt, oranges, and grapefruit all sit at 88% water, and can be combined to make a delicious and hydrating meal to begin your day. 

Considering that “water” is in the name of the fruit, it comes as no surprise that the perfect summer snack, watermelon, is 92% water. However, this sweet treat doesn’t even top the list of the most water-dense foods, with vegetables like cucumbers and radishes containing a remarkable 96% and 95% water. Preparing a salad for lunch or dinner with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, watercress, cucumbers, and celery is not only one of the most nutritious options, but also serves as a solid replacement for a few glasses of water each day. Next time you head to the grocery store, pick up a few of these hydrating foods to add to your diet, and your body will thank you!


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