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Love is something people go on a hunt for, and desire for.  Love is always a popular topic of conversation, either it being platonic or intimate. Love is into or at least supposed to be put into everything we do in life. Touch, love, feel , help, and do with love. Everything is surrounded by love. It has been said that we, as people, were put on earth to absolutely love one another, especially as we love ourselves.

However, there are people who haven’t experienced or reached that level of self love or even experienced being in love. Then again, you have those who have been in love, maybe more than once, know what love feels and look like, and love themselves beyond the world. Right now is the time where love needs to prevail across the world.

We’re currently living in a time where self love is being neglected, hope for a genuine love and romantic relationship are becoming unrealistic, and divorce rates are going up according to some articles, for example the NewYork Post article and some Center for Disease Control and Prevention available data. Suicide and domesitc absue has been spiking as well during this pandemic, Mental health is at a high right now.

But Rob Hill Sr, shares another one of his positive book collections with us about the HOPE for LOVE. Hill Sr debuted his latest book back in 2019 called Hope for Love and it has since been a very inspirational piece. The book couldn’t have come at a better time, right before we saw a pandemic coming.

Hope for Love discusses Hill’s personal experiences, ideas, quotes to live by and to look at daily. With kind words to speak into existence for yourself and your life. The book also helps people to regain hope for a romantic love, a genuine love, what that can possibly look or feel like. The book is an easy and simple read with 204 pages, including introduction and about Rob. There are memorable quotes, poems you can write down, screenshot, post or share with others or save for yourself. If you have time, you can read through Hope for Love in an hour or two.

If you’d like to check it out, Hope for Love  is available to purchase on Amazon: $9.99, $9.99, and on mobile apps like Apple Books app where you can also purchase as an Ebook.


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