France names first female Prime Minister in 30 years

History is being made in France as Labor Minister Elisabeth Borne has been named Prime Minister, the first female to hold that position in 30 years and only the second female in French history. 

French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday picked Labor Minister Elisabeth Borne as his new prime minister as he prepares for legislative elections. Borne will replace Jean Castex as Prime Minister. 

Before joining Macron’s government, Borne was a bureaucrat who served numerous Socialist Party ministers. She is a faithful Macron supporter who held three important ministerial jobs during his first term– transport, environment, and labor. According to The Washington Post, Borne has earned a reputation for taking on difficult policies and pushing them through. Some include Macron’s reforms to the state rail system, which lead to some of the biggest strikes in decades. 

Borne’s deep inside knowledge of the workings of the state will help Macron push through more difficult reforms.

Borne’s first task is to manage the different political factions of Macron’s centrist grouping who need to win a parliamentary majority in elections next month in order for Macron to have a free hand for his planned repairing of pensions and the welfare state. Borne will also be tasked to oversee Macron’s most contested election pledge, which is raising the retirement age in France. 

“I dedicate this nomination to all the little girls in France, to tell them, ‘Follow your dreams,” Borne said while taking office. “Nothing should stop the fight for women’s place in our society.”


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