Free Agency Makes the NBA Postseason Fun

As a lover of the NBA, the end of the season is always a sad time. After enjoying multiple months of many entertaining and nail-biting games, then watching the intensity of the playoffs as teams get eliminated until there’s only one left standing; it’s hard to be excited having no more games to look forward to on a nightly basis. Now, of course, this summer, we have the Olympics to help fill that void, and there’s always a summer league to do the same. But I believe that the real thing that fills that void and makes the postseason not just bearable, but fun, is free agency.

Watching how teams try to finesse deals with players and other teams can feel a bit like a basketball nerd thing to do, but if you are invested in the storylines going on during the season, free agency is a must-see event.

How can you not be excited seeing Carmelo Anthony finally being paired up with his long-time friend Lebron James after being on the opposite sides of the court their whole careers? How can you not be entertained by the intrigue of the possible ceiling the Chicago Bulls now have for success after receiving Lonzo Ball and DeMar DeRozan? The Heat now has Kyle Lowry and The Lakers is basically a super team comprised of all vets now, most of which is over the age of 33. The blockbuster trades and signings set in motion the storylines to follow for the upcoming season. We all what to know if Kawhi is going to stay with the Clippers, we all want to know if Damian Lillard is finally going to leave the Trailblazers, and if so, where will he go? Will the Knicks finally get whatever big superstar is reported to be interested in them this time? You just have to be there to find out.


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