George Riddle Dies at 86

George Riddle was a fantastic actor and a huge part of The Onion News Network. He, on a regular basis, acted as a crusty golf prospector turned presidential candidate Joad Cressbeckler on the 2011 IFC comedy. He also a long time contributor to the musical, the Fantasticks. Having enjoyed a storied career in the spotlight, it was just announced that the light-hearted actor passed away last Friday.

Duodenal Cancer took Riddle in North Plainfield, New Jersey. Christie Wagner, Riddles’s long-time friend, issued a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. 

During Riddles’s career, which lasted spanned 65 years, he was in many films such as Arthur (1981), The Innkeepers (2011), and The Kitchen (2019) and on episodes of shows such as The Sopranos and Inside Amy Schumer. Riddle was also on Broadway in Anything Goes in 1988-89 and Stage Door Charley(1995). 

Riddle was born on a beautiful Spring day in May, in Auburn, Indiana, in 1937.  He was a descendent of Mayflower settlers. Riddle lived a long, happy life full of adventures and excitement, such as being in the circus and having to make a career change because of a rough fall from a high wire.

Fred Miller Theater in Milwaukee is where Riddle saw a breakthrough in his acting career (1956). His onscreen debut was in the Marshall Brickman Film Simon (1980) starring Alan Arkin. Riddles’s final screen appearance was in the hit Apple TV+ series Little Voice in 2020; Riddle was 83 at the time of filming.  

Riddle and Joan Crawford’s daughter Christina lived together for several years. Christina and Riddle were great friends.  Christina is the author of the famous book/memoir, Mommie Dearest. Riddle is survived by six grandchildren. Only time will tell if we will have more Riddles in the spotlight. 


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