Ghostface Sued for Iron Man/Tony Starks Moniker

The composer of the original 1966 Iron Man Theme is suing Wu-Tang rapper Ghostface Killah for using his theme in his album Supreme Clientele released back in 2000. Jaques “Jack” Urbont, also the composer of theme songs for shows such as General Hospital, One Life to Live, and That 70s Show, filed the lawsuit on June 30th. On top of the claim that Ghost is illegally using the Iron Man Theme on Supreme Clientele, Ghost’s use of the alias “Tony Starks” is also an infringement on Urbont’s copyrights as the name is affiliated with the Iron Man franchise. In regards to the album, the lawsuit states that there is no indication or recognition of the theme song being used as a sample, which is why Urbont is seeking millions in damage. I think it was a pretty smart move for Ghostface to use Tony Starks/Iron Man as a moniker for himself because it gives him a commercial advantage without him having to pay to use it. In any case, I’m sure Ghost was not trying to be sneaky when he chose to use the song. Sampling is common in Hip-Hop after all. I wonder if Urbont, who is over 80 years old, was just informed about Ghost’s use of the name or if he was actually listening to Supreme Clientele and got upset. I hope it’s the latter because its cool picturing an 80 year old bumping classic Ghost in his car.


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