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Glossier’s first foundation, Stretch Fluid Foundation, has arrived

Glossier, the trailblazing beauty brand that made waves with its “skin first, makeup second” philosophy, has once again captured the attention of makeup enthusiasts and skincare aficionados alike. Since its inception in 2014, Glossier has been synonymous with minimalism, focusing on enhancing natural beauty rather than concealing it under layers of makeup. This unique approach has garnered a dedicated following, drawn to the brand’s promise of effortless beauty that celebrates one’s skin.
For those who have found solace in Glossier’s no-makeup-makeup mantra but yearned for a touch more coverage, the wait is over. On August 22nd, Glossier introduced the highly anticipated Stretch Fluid Foundation, marking a significant expansion of their complexion lineup. This exciting launch is a response to the wishes of makeup enthusiasts who, while embracing the less-is-more ethos, also desired the option of a foundation that enhances their complexion.
The Stretch Fluid Foundation arrives on the heels of Glossier’s cult-favorite Stretch Balm Concealer, which gained a fervent following since its debut in 2016. Staying true to its core values, Glossier has crafted this foundation with a remarkable 89% skincare base. The result? A gel-cream formula that effortlessly marries makeup with skincare.
The inclusion of plant-derived squalane and glycerin works harmoniously to pamper the skin’s moisture barrier. Notably, the formulation pays homage to the original Stretch Concealer, ensuring that the foundation maintains the brand’s signature buildable coverage, radiant finish, and lightweight feel.
This foundation lineup is nothing short of impressive, boasting 32 flexible shades thoughtfully categorized across seven shade groups and five undertones. This comprehensive spectrum guarantees an inclusive selection to cater to diverse skin tones, underscoring Glossier’s commitment to accessibility.
Beginning at $34 for the Stretch Fluid Foundation and $22 for the Stretch Balm Concealer, these new additions are now available for purchase via Glossier’s website and stores. Those looking to experience the Glossier magic firsthand can explore the products in Sephora stores starting in September.
Glossier’s journey has been marked by a series of groundbreaking releases that consistently generate excitement among beauty enthusiasts. From the iconic Boy Brow to the beloved Balm Dotcom, Glossier’s minimalist approach has yielded cult classics. Now, with the introduction of the Stretch Fluid Foundation, the brand’s legacy is poised to continue, bringing forth a product that aligns seamlessly with its core values.


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