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Glossier’s New Ultralip is Three Lip Products in One

Glossier has launched an all-new lip product, Ultralip, which aims to combine the “moisture of a balm, sheen of a gloss, and color of a lip tint” in one tube, according to their website. After ‘good 4 u’ singer Olivia Rodrigo debuted the shade “Ember” in her Vogue Beauty Secrets video, I decided I should try this product.

My review

Ultralip lives up to the hype. Normally, I apply lip balm before my lipstick, but the hyaluronic acid in this product’s formula truly seems to keep my lips hydrated without needing to layer various products. I was most surprised by how long the color lasts, because I typically find that matte lipsticks stay on longer than satin ones. However, Ultralip’s glossy shine does not fade even after hours of wear.

I recommend Ultralip in two different shades: Villa and Vesper. Villa is the perfect light tint for daytime wear, and Vesper is a fun fuchsia for a night out. I love this product because it saves so much room in my purse — no longer do I fill my handbags with glosses, balms, and lipsticks before leaving my house. Although I occasionally find that Glossier’s products are a bit too light coverage for an evening look, Ultralip is extremely buildable. I layer Vesper for a more traditional lipstick appearance, whereas I can swipe on one coat of Villa for a sheer, glossy effect. The rumors are true — this lip product does it all.


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