Toya puts K. Michelle on BLAST

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If you’re like one of the millions of reality show junkies out there, you probably have heard of or seen VH1’s new reality spin-off, Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. For those of you who do not partake in entertaining this on screen circus act, it’s  basically a show that profiles the lives of a few music hopefuls in the city of Atlanta. One of the characters on the show, a woman by the name of K. Michelle has been making recent headlines with her very serious accusations against a man that goes by the name Memphitz. You see, K. Michelle used to date Memphitz, but they broke up because he allegedly put her hands on her and threatened her child. Simply speaking, she claims he violently attacked her. It gets interesting. Memphitz is now married to the former wife of rapper Lil’ Wayne, Toya Wright, and the both of them vehemently disagree with K. Michelle’s accusations. K. Michelle stands by her words and has stated publicly that Toya had no right to call her a liar. Well, Toya finally spoke out about the whole situation. She claims that K. Michelle has no proof to back up her allegations and she’s just using Memphitz’s name to make a name for herself. She advised K. Michelle to refrain from bringing her or her husband’s name up when she speaks in public. Toya even went as far as to state that K is a schizophrenic and she doesn’t even have custody of her own son. Wow! Who do you believe?


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