Growing Debate Over Court Packing

Before Biden was even elected, many have speculated that his administration would attempt to add up to three more Supreme Court Justices to balance out the three appointed by former president Donald Trump. In an unexpected divide, it is not just the Republicans versus Democrats; there are Progressive versus moderate Democrats. 

Progressives argue that adding seats to the court is completely necessary. Unconcerned with consistency, they simply view it as essential to erase Trump influence from the court. Other Democrats realize that this would be undoubtedly controversial, and potentially not worth the battle to make it happen. 

Rather than packing the court, some have suggested a middle ground: term limits for justices. People do fight for term limits in the House of Representatives, but this idea is not as popular for the Judicial Branch of government. The Supreme Court was created with the intention of stability. While other offices are constantly fighting for reelection, this branch can function on principle rather than politics. 

Voters considered that the Biden Administration would move forward with this, but it demonstrates a lack of transparency. Back in a debate in 2020, Vice President Kamala Harris refused to answer questions about their intentions to pack the court. Knowing that it would have turned away voters in the middle ground, they avoided the topic. Now the powerful progressive voices in congress are pushing to make this happen. 

If this change does happen, Republicans are prepared to try to block all Biden appointments, similar to justices appointed by Trump. 

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