Keeping up with the Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels Partner up With Cease Fire in Paterson New Jersey

As we move forward PARTNERSHIPS are so important like we have with Cease Fire in Paterson. Paterson is a city with a population of about 150,000 people. It has a serious Gang Problem. Street and Domestic Violence issues. Emotionally Disturbed people roaming the streets. People buying drugs and shooting up out in the open and in shooting galleries. Not enough Police to patrol and a Police department that has been charged with acts of brutality and corruption. The streets in some of Paterson’s Wards are a “HOT MESS”. Enter the Guardian Angels and Cease Fire walking the streets of the most violent wards. Doing Outreach, talking to people and calming the streets down. Gathering Info. on crimes committed. Patrolling and breaking up fights and disputes. Deterring Crime and above all serving as POSITIVE Roll Models in the Streets for many of the wayward youth. Who else can be able to relate to City Hall, the PD, The Pimps, Pushers, Drug Dealers and Gang Bangers. Cease Fire and the Guardian Angels strengthen our mission in the Streets of Paterson. Watch the video of Odell the leader of Cease Fire talking about how effective our Partnership is.

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