Keeping up with the Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels Receive Warm Welcome in Albany Visit

Last year Curtis Sliwa & the Guardian Angels arrived in Albany to meet with Mayor Sheehan for a scheduled meeting to discuss the group’s recent restart in Albany…and were given the flea bag treatment! When Curtis arrived in Albany he was given the runaround before being told by the Mayor’s Chief of Staff that the meeting was now denied. What a difference a year makes.

Yesterday Curtis was back in Albany discussing the chapters resumed patrols on July 8th and this time was met with the red carpet treatment by Police Chief Eric Hawkins. Curtis and several NYC Guardian Angels sat down with Hawkins who was accompanied by other members of the Albany Police department. The level of cooperation was refreshing and the shared vision inspiring.

The Guardian Angels have been in Albany since the 80’s. And while chapters can ebb & flow at times there is a consistent spirit in the community of improving the quality of life. And local residents have throughout the decades joined the Guardian Angels because of this desire to improve their community through self-help.

The picture here shows the Guardian Angels meeting with members of the Albany Police Department, including Deputy Chief Brian C. Hogan who will be the liaison for the Guardian Angels. We look forward to building this relationship along with others working in the community as the Guardian Angels get their boots on the ground July 8th.

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