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Guardian Angels Start chapter in Lompoc California to Counter Gang Violence

Lumpoc is a city in Southern California near the Ocean with a population of about 50,000. It is in Santa Barbara County. It has had a growing gang problem that has led to some recent shootings and murders. Matthew Barron reached out to Jay Takaki who is our Ga Co-ordinator in the LA/Orange Co. area. Jay took a ride to Lompoc and spoke at a Lompoc meeting about the GA. A few weeks later Jay Takaki returned to Lompoc this time with our International co-ordinator KG Oda and it was the kick off of our effort. Since these first 2 mtgs. Matthew has networked with other Lompoc groups that are trying to come up with solutions about homelessness and crime.

The Lompoc Guardian Angels this past Saturday participated in the Lompoc Make a Difference Day. It was the chapter’s first official act of community service which will continue through the future. As all of California is being hammered by fires and electrical blackouts we are helping our members in our California GA chapters long term to help themselves and their own communitties.

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