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Thank you mayor de Blasio you have done such a great job Macy’s is all boarded up

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Great job de Blasio. Macys, the gateway to the world, the largest department store has lost all faith in your ability to keep the city safe. They have boarded up every square inch around the whole block.

Meantime de Blasio is all happy that on June 8th New York City qualifies for phase 8 and Macy’s will be able to do curb-side pickup. WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?

NYC Guardian Angels Patrol NYC Round the Clock Following Looting Spree

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Several days of protest in NYC has led to several nights of madness by looters descending upon all boroughs, in particular lower Manhattan.  Dozens of stores have been broken into and looted.  Graffiti now lines the streets and establishments throughout NYC.  Smashed windows, glass on sidewalks, products strewn about the streets, burnt out cop cars; now stores everywhere including iconic Macy’s store at Herald Square is completely boarded up around the entire block!  

NYC is clearly under siege now and the NYPD seems unable to address these safety issues.  So the Guardian Angels have stepped in and are now patrolling these hot spot areas around the clock.  It is uncertain how long the mayhem will last but we are in it for the long haul.  We have been here since 1979 and we don’t intend on going anywhere!

Guardian Angels Making Masks for the Homeless While Doing Wellness Checks

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Portland Oregon Guardian Angels and Albuquerque Guardian Angels have been busy patrolling their neighborhoods, distributing food to those in need & making face masks for the homeless. With all of the stay at home orders throughout the US one segment of the population that has been ignored is those living on the streets. With no access to living facilities, healthcare or preventative measures the Guardian Angels have prioritized not only their safety but their health. Several chapters, most notably Albuquerque and Portland, have personally made facemasks for distribution to the homeless. When these chapters have distributed meals to those living on the streets they have included in those meal packages facemasks for the down and out to wear to keep them healthy and safe. As with most people across the United States it is volunteers who are giving their time and energy to help those most in need and the Guardian Angels are on board with that mission. Those individuals on the streets, in encamp ants, living in hovels with no people caring and left on their own, it is the Guardian Angels who are their saviors. And we are committed to remaining that way from now until the pandemic ends. And it is through the generous donations of the public that we have been able to do this so we thank you all for caring about those so often ignored.

Curtis Sliwa Defies Mayor de Blasio and Swims at Coney Island

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May 24th, 2020 – BROOKLYN, New York: Curtis Sliwa of the Guardian Angels came to Coney Island on Sunday to defy mayor Bill de Blasio orders not to swim. He brought a paper cut-out of the mayor, buried it in the sand, and then went for a swim. Park Enforcement agents immediately began screaming “The beach is closed,” “You have to come out”. Curtis Sliwa said “I don’t live in fear and I pay taxes so I’ll swim if I want.” and “The mayor…should have the lifeguards out here, let people have fun… Long Island they can swim, Jersey Shore they can swim… but not here in New York City. How stupid is that?” Curtis walked into the water and swam 3 times and only recieved verbal requests not to go swimming. The enforcement agents said they will be here to help if something happens but they are asking for him to not swim. Police officers on the boardwalk did not respond to the swimmer. A boy named Jaden who was on the beach with his parents said, when asked what he thought, “it’s not fair that other people get to go in the water but not us.” Video by Scootercaster and Sam Hartson (FNTV FREEDOMNEWS.TV)

3 Days Left and de Blasio doubles Down on NYC beach closings

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3 Days to go to the Memorial Day Weekend and Comrade Bill de Blasio the Part-time Mayor the Dope from Park Slope refuses to open up the NYC Beaches.   Because of this Nassau & Suffolk County in Long Island have issued executive orders to ban NYC residents from coming to their beaches this weekend.  There is absolutely NO REASON to keep the NYC beaches closed.  With 72 hours to go the Mayor is digging in.  Maybe we should dig a hole in the sand in Coney Island and bury him up to his neck so that he can’t ruin the Memorial Day Weekend for Beachgoers in NYC.  

4 Days Til Memorial Day Weekend – How You Gonna Keep the People off Orchard Beach in the Bronx?

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From Coney Island to Orchard Beach in the Bronx the people are already on the beach.  Comrade Bill de Blasio, the part-time Mayor the Dope from Park Slope, insists he will put up fences and keep the people off the beaches this Memorial Day weekend.  With the weather this weekend expected to be in the 70’s how will he possibly accomplish this?

Mayor de Blasio has Closed NYC Beaches Ahead of Memorial Day

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NYC Mayor Closes Beaches While Opening Up Streets???

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NYC’s part-time Mayor Bill de Blasio, the Dope from Park Slope, made the absurd decision to close down hundreds of streets throughout the boroughs while keeping beaches closed….huh? We are less than one week away from Memorial Day Weekend and people are still out of work, businesses & schools are closed throughout the city and the temperature is rising but for some reason the Mayor thinks being on lock down in cramped apartments with multitudes of family members is healthier than breathing in the ocean air or taking in vitamin D filled sunshine. Does that make any sense? The Mayor keeps telling NYC “we are all in this together” but as the months go on it is becoming very clear not all are faring as well as others.

Florida Begins to Open Up and the Guardian Angels Continue their Patrols

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Ron  “”JAWS”  Smith has been with the Guardian Angels in TAMPA since 1986. As their Chapter Leader he has led their patrols in Ybor City and Seminole Hts.He is the IRON MAN of the Guardian Angels. Ron is older than most Guardian Angels and has pre-conditions. Yet he has gone out on patrol with his group through outthe pandemic. The TAMPA BAY AREA Guardian Angels have given hope to so many Floridians who had sheltered in or who were forced to close their buisnesses. Nowthat the State of Florida has begun to aggressively open up the Guardian Angels continue their weekly patrols…….

Out on Patrol in the rain helping to relieve the already overburdened Police dept. with some simple tasks during the Covid-19 outbreak so they are free to respond to the many Domestic disturbance calls there getting now..

We made sure the closed parks were empty and checked on every closed business along Hillsborough Ave from Fla ave – 15th st. making sure they weren’t broken into while closed down. We even stopped a drug deal along the way.. Lol..

The streets were pretty quiet – partly due to the rain. Some of us chose to wear PPE, masks some did not.  We all wore gloves. Due to my existing lung issues, I felt the need to wear the mask around others.  Most members within our Chapter have been certified through C.E.R.T at the Emergency Operations Center in Orlando (years ago) and had special training on how to operate effectively during a crisis.  Crime, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, floods, outbreaks and other natural disasters DO NOT STOP Guardian Angels from assisting to provide safety to our community. We have been putting ourselves on the front lines in harm’s way since 1979. And we continue..It’s what we do… DARE TO CARE!
A big thanks to those of you who came out today.. True Bricks!!  

Guardian Angels Caring for Cats During Coronavirus

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Caring for cats outdoors always has its share of obstacles, but during this pandemic the difficulties have increased. While adoptions are being encouraged there is no talk about helping the outdoor cats. The Guardian Angels Animal Protection has been out and about feeding homeless cats and due to some many people holding up inside there is a noticeable lack of food and water during these visits that normally accompanies these colonies. It is a joint effort caring for these groups but with so many preoccupied with family & friends there is a lack of focus on the very important needs of these beautiful creatures.

And most disturbing of all is the misconception constantly referred to in the media about cats having the ability to infect people. Tragically this has led to an increase in hurting these animals, including kittens, which you can see one example of which we recently found while doing our rounds. In particular, EDP’s have been left to their own resources for months are showing aggression toward these innocent creatures and it is an utter tragedy. Cats are being poisoned at alarming rates and need protection ASAP.

And now more than ever the cat colonies are essential to quell the emboldened rat population. Rats used to primarily come out at night but with the food sources drying up due to lack of people discarding trash in garbage outdoors now the rats are actually fighting for food with the homeless throughout the city. This is a problem that just is spiraling downward fast.

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