Guardian Angels Helping Homeless/EDP on E Train

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In the vast NYC Subway system there are 472 stations . There are 23 different subway lines. Even during normal times the homeless and the many Emotionally Disturbed Persons choose the E train to ride back and forth on to stay warm and dry. It is referred to as the “Moving Homeless Hotel” because it is the only subway line that runs completely underground. From the World Trade Center to the last stop Jamaica Station. Along the way the homeless know which few subway stations have open bathrooms.

Now that we are under the Corona Virus Spread, NYC being the worst area, the presence of the homeless and EDP’s, is more pronounced. They are in desperate need of help but no Govt. agencies are doing interventions. They have locked their offices and sheltered in. The NYC GA have filled the void. We walk up and down the E trains first doing Wellness Checks. Then we approach the homeless who live on the E train and have them wash their hands with alcohol wipes. We then give them a care package with water, food and wipes. We also get out the disinfectant and wipe down the areas that they are either sitting in or laying down on. No one else is doing this.

Remember, if these homeless and EDP’s, are infected with Corona Virus it would spread amongst them and then to the rest of the population. Unlike our politicians who spend every day blaming one another for this Corona Virus Flu spreading, we the Guardian Angels, are showing how normal people should not wait around for our leaders to figure out that they must work together on these problems. The Guardian Angels say “FEAR NOT”. Take proactive measures. Mother Tersa and her nuns didn’t wait for governments to deal with the Lepers in the Leper colonies. They took proactive measures and helped those who had Leprosy. We are safe and we will continue to come to the aid of those who have been forgotten and ignored. The Homeless and the many EDP’s.

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