Guardian Angels in Sacramento Feed the Homeless

March 29th, 2020   admin   Uncategorized

Patrick Kent is one of our coordinators of the California Guardian Angels and is based in Sacramento. His 10 year old son RILEY, who is a Junior Guardian Angel, was inspired by what the NYC Guardian Angels are doing each day to feed the homeless and the EDP’s. He asked his father if the Sacramento Guardian Angels could do the same for their city’s homeless. The Sacramento Guardian Angels sprung into action. They prepared the food and the alcohol based solution in which the homeless would have to wash their hands first. They went downtown near the state capitol which has blocks of homeless people. The Guardian Angels of Sacramento, young and old, “FEARED NOT”. They went to help those who have been abandoned during this crisis. They like other Guardian Angels all over the world understand that while others are told to shelter in, self quarantine, the homeless have no where to go. If they catch the Corona Virus they won’t go to a doctor or hospital. They can’t shelter in or self quarantine. Rather the corona virus would spread amongst the homeless and naturally to the population at large. So while the Govt. from coast to coast has ignored their plight we the Guardian Angels will not. We will continue to “DARETO CARE”

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