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Guardian Angels Caring for Cats During Coronavirus

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Caring for cats outdoors always has its share of obstacles, but during this pandemic the difficulties have increased. While adoptions are being encouraged there is no talk about helping the outdoor cats. The Guardian Angels Animal Protection has been out and about feeding homeless cats and due to some many people holding up inside there is a noticeable lack of food and water during these visits that normally accompanies these colonies. It is a joint effort caring for these groups but with so many preoccupied with family & friends there is a lack of focus on the very important needs of these beautiful creatures.

And most disturbing of all is the misconception constantly referred to in the media about cats having the ability to infect people. Tragically this has led to an increase in hurting these animals, including kittens, which you can see one example of which we recently found while doing our rounds. In particular, EDP’s have been left to their own resources for months are showing aggression toward these innocent creatures and it is an utter tragedy. Cats are being poisoned at alarming rates and need protection ASAP.

And now more than ever the cat colonies are essential to quell the emboldened rat population. Rats used to primarily come out at night but with the food sources drying up due to lack of people discarding trash in garbage outdoors now the rats are actually fighting for food with the homeless throughout the city. This is a problem that just is spiraling downward fast.

New York citizen crime-fighters tackle Covid-19 crisis

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The Guardian Angels, a volunteer citizen crime-fighting organisation, have been patrolling the streets of New York City for four decades. But with the city still emerging from the grip of the Covid-19 crisis, they say they are busier than ever amid a spike in burglaries.

New York has been hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic with around 20,000 deaths. Although overall crime has fallen in the city in recent weeks, burglaries soared 169 percent in April, with thieves targeting shuttered businesses.

“Our services have never been more in need then now during this pandemic of coronavirus, because there’s lawlessness, breaking into stores, robberies, thuggery, prisoners are being released from the jails because of coronavirus. And there are just not enough police,” Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels, whose members are trained to carry out citizens’ arrests on suspected wrongdoers, told AFP.

But it is not just violent crime the group is battling.  It is also helping to make sure the city’s most vulnerable are not forgotten amid the pandemic.

“Homelessness and the EDPs that are out there, the emotionally disturbed people, that is now a focus,” said volunteer Arnaldo Salinas.

“We feed them. We give them you know, sanitary wipes so they can wipe their hands. We try and make their life at least a little bit more comfortable.”

The Guardian Angels were founded in New York in 1979, at a time when the city was notorious for its high crime rate and were initially opposed by authorities who labelled them dangerous vigilantes.

But in recent years they have been given public backing by NYC officials and the group now has 5,000 members in 130 cities across 13 different countries.

The Subway Cars are Clean but The Homeless Are Still There

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The Subway cars are finally being cleaned every nite. The whole system is shut down from 1am-5am for cleaning. The homeless and Emmotionally Disturbed are removed and are given 3 choices by a phalanx of Cops, Social Workers and Subway workers. They offer to take them to shelters but most refuse it because they know that the shelters have been hit hard by Corona Virus. They are offered a trip to a hospital to deal with medical or mental health issues. Most refuse that offer. Most just choose to leave the Subways and hang out into the neighborhoods until the subways begin running again at 5 am. We continue to clean up and feed the homeless on the subways each day. There has been no noticeable decrease in their numbers. In fact at times “newer” members appear to have entered their subway riding ranks. This is the problem:

We spend millions of dollars to shuttle the homeless and EDP’s from place to place and yet their numbers continue to grow. The Governor of NY Cuomo and the Mayor of NYC De blasio refuse to FORCE the homeless to get shelter and help. Over the years they have closed Pychiatric Hospitals. Many of the Emotionally Disturbed are supposed to be taking medication to deal with their mental health issues. They have no access to care and the meds that will and have helped them in the past are no longer available to them. While the MTA cleans the Subway finally every nite they continue to keep the bathrooms locked up. Where are the homeless to relieve themselves? Where do you think? The Subways and the Streets. We are spending millions of badly needed taxpayer dollars and getting little results. That’s why we as the Guardian Angels will continue to do what we do without hitting up the tax payers.

2 Days out of Bellevue Psych Facility

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Here is a classic case of somebody who needs Thrive yet Thrive is MIA. His name is Kaden James. Look at the wristbands on both his hands. He was just at the Bellevue Psychiatric facility or as he called it The Insane Asylum.” He is bipolar, schizophrenia & depression. Some of the wristbands indicate medications that he should be taking to control it. He is intelligent, as you can see a good singer, singing Gloria In Excelsis Deo. But as you can see he has tremendous strength and could in the wrong circumstances be a menace to others.

People ask me, “Why don’t you wear a mask Curtis?” When you deal with as many emotionally disturbed people as I do each and every day it is important that they recognize you, look into your eyes and understand that you are a friend and not a foe. Many of them have a hair trigger that could cause them to launch an attack against a person they perceive as a threat. In one day of just walking around Penn Station I handle and take care of more emotionally disturbed persons than THRIVE has in 4 years.


In the MTA if you got time to lean, YOU GOT TIME TO CLEAN

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Over the weekend, Marcus Strider Dent our Regional Coordinator from Baltimore visited the NYC Guardian Angels. He brought with him the decontamination equipment that he uses on his job. The company is Progressive Pipeline Management, the owner is David Wick. Marcus helped us to decontaminate a section of Penn Station. It has been used as a public urinal and toilet for the last two months during the lockdown. The authorities in their continued dumbing down decided to close the public bathrooms leaving the homeless with nowhere to go. Once again the Guardian Angels were on the cutting edge. The ppm company has donated decontamination equipment to us so that we can continue the effort. Penn station, which is run by the Feds, the State and City has now been embarrassed and has promised as a result that they will start decontaminating Penn Station overnight sometime this week.

Japan in Lockdown. Guardian Angels Patrol the Parks

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Japan’s lockdown to combat the CORONA VIRUS is not as strict as Spain but not as open as Sweden’s. This is “GOLDEN WEEK” in Japan which is a National Holiday. In Japan, a State of Emergency, can only involve REQUESTS from the Govt. to it’s people. Violators face no penalties. Govt. hopes that citizens will cooperate….but some do not.

The Guardian Angels in Japan go to their parks and set up early. Their mission is to look after the elderly who live in small apts. and come to the parks to get exercise and fresh air. Remember Japan has the oldest Senior Citizen population in the world and they are the one group that is most vulnerable to the Corona Virus. This is how the Japanese Guardian Angels are helping.

The NYC Subways Have Become Dante’s Inferno

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We are out there everyday on the subway’s moving HOMELESS HOTEL. The E Train.
We are cleaning the trains, patrolling, feeding and cleaning up the homeless and the EDP’s.
There are few if any cops or MTA workers.
The MTA has closed all of the subway bathrooms
While the MTA blames the city and the city is in denial.
The Guardian Angels are out there trying to fill the void.

The Guardian Angels in Gothenburg Sweden

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Sweden as a country has adopted a radically different approach to the pandemic from both it’s Scandanavian neighbors and other parts of Europe. Sweden asks for VOLUNTARY measures from it’s citizens. Herd immunity in the end will protect the mass majority of Swedes from the Corona Virus. The Swedes are asking everyone take responsibility for themselves, for each other, and for their country.

Mikael Liljeroth is the Chapter Leader. The Gothenburg Guardian Angels patrol the central area of their city where there has
been growing gang activity over the years. Our International Co-ordinator KG Oda visited with the chapter in early March right before
the Corona Virus spread through the country. Mikael Liljeroth has a working relationship with the local police and is partnering up with
other non-profits. Their work continues through this Corona Virus seige.

London “GA STRONG” Against Coronavirus

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At the beginning of the year our LONDON Chapter leader was hospitalized for an on going stomach disorder he’s had since serving in the Persian Gulf Campaign for the British against Iraq. They had to make multiple incisions into his stomach. His recovery took awhile as he was hospitalized. Marcus Suitor a.k.a. SCOOTER has had an ongoing pre-condition since 1991. And yet he felt he had to help his city during their Lockdown. The UK tried “Herd Immunity” first to ward off the spread of Corona Virus
in their country. It worked in Sweden but it did not work in the UK. Even the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson came down with a serious case of Corona Virus that caused him to be hospitalized for weeks. London then went into a complete Lockdown.

But Scooter and Preacher hatched a plan to help. They collected food donations and prepared it for shut ins and the elderly who could not venture out to get their own. Scooter and Preacher then began to deliver it personally from Flat to Flat. The residents could not have been more grateful. Without the help of the London Guardian Angels they would have been in desperate straits. Many groups of Guardian Angels around the world, during this Corona Virus emergency have reached out to their cities to help in whatever way that they can. We will be bringing you their unique stories as we helpout globally and locally during this pandemic.

Curtis Sliwa visits Senior Homes to Get Info that Is Denied to Family & Friends

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This is our latest NYC Guardian Angel Program during the spread of Corona Virus. To visit the Senior Homes and long term care facilities to get information for the loved ones and friends who have been locked out from visiting or getting updates. These citizens have turned to us because government has failed them.

Sadly Jacqueline’s Father WALTER died hours later after I tried to get info. on his condition. His wife Joan who is in the same facility has not been told. Her condition as of today is unknown. We will keep trying to get info. on Joan for her family. We will keep you all informed.

Sunday we began our promise to our listeners to the long-term senior nursing homes that they brought to our attention that are in complete lock-down under the orders of Governor Cuomo and Murphy in New York and New Jersey. We started at Seagate in Coney Island and I chose that because that’s a facility when my father Chester had gone through rehab about 10 years ago; pretty good facility under normal situations.

Jacqueline, a WABC listener, had asked me specifically to check up on Walter, her father, in room for 39 and Joan, her mother in room 406. I figured I’d start here because I knew the lay of the land. I was not permitted entrance. I was told that it was illegal for any citizen to come into the facility in any circumstances. I asked them to simply just give me an update on how Walter and Joan were doing on behalf of their daughter Jacqueline. I might as well have been talking to the wall and this is the same facility that housed my father years ago. Weeks ago Governor Cuomo signed an order that allows hospitals to ship patients with coronavirus to nearby long-term SeniorCare Facilities. That is insane! That makes no sense and has led to 20% of the deaths in New York due to the coronavirus taking place in senior facilities. We will continue to check up on your loved ones and friends, that is our mission here for the Guardian Angels and WABC.

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