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Politicians Fight About the Homeless While Guardian Angels Care for Them

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THE POLITICIANS CONTINUE TO BLAME ONE ANOTHER FOR THE HOMELESS SITUATION. There are more now than ever before. Many are sick and ill from a variety off illnesses. Some are in wheelchairs. 2 that I examined were showing signs of having Gangrene. We feed them, wash them down and tend to their wounds. The city and state have closed the public bathrooms. As a result they are defecating and urinating in the subway system. Some are severely emotionally disturbed. They are a danger to themselves and to everyone else. They are now relegated to picking for food scraps from garbage cans where they are having to fend off rats. Their biggest need is water. There is no where for them to get water. The officials have forsaken these forgotten people. We have not. We will continue to care for them both in the subways and streets every day. We give them food, snacks, water, wipes and masks in the Care packages that we hand out.


MTA versus Guardian Angels in the Subway

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The Subway System is now contributing to the spread of CORONA VIRUS. according to a study from M.I.T. 68 MTA employees have died from the corona virus. 2,500 employees have tested positive, 4,365 are currently quarantined due to illness and exposure. The subways are crowded with the many homeless and EDP’s. They’ve taken over whole Subway cars and now live in them because they have nowhere else to go, They have reduced service making their regular riders stuck in crowded trains. They have closed the bathrooms forcing the homeless to relieve themselves on the tracks and in the trains. The trains are dirty and smelly. Crime is rampant as people riding the trains are attacked by emotionally disturbed people. There are few Cops. It has gotten so bad that some officials want to stop running the trains and buses.

The Guardian Angels are focused on the E Train which has become a moving “Homeless Hotel”. We are keeping the peace. We are cleaning the homeless people up and feeding them because they have no food. We are also sanitizing the subway cars. We will continue to do so while Govt. slowly disappears.

What the MTA isn’t doing 

And what Guardian Angels are doing

My Friend Jeremy Part of the Legion of Forgotten New Yorkers

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Meet my friend Jeremy, who I’ve seen on and off for the past 10 years in and around Penn Station.  I first saw Jeremy downtown during the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.  He had come in from Kentucky and it was obvious then that he had some mental issues but he was functional and able to take care of himself.  As you can hear from his story it’s been downhill ever since.  He needs mental health care but the billion dollars that was robbed by the de Blasio’s that should have been spent on people like Jeremy through the THRIVENYC program is MIA.  The MTA state homeless intervention unit is MIA.  Jeremy is without medication, food and wipes to stay clean.  He is a target for the coronavirus spread.  Do you think he will go to the doctors of the hospital?  The answer – No!  The city and state have now closed all the public bathrooms and Jeremy tells you that he defecates and urinates in the streets.  THAT will create a public health crisis.  As the sun goes down and Jeremy rants and raves like a lunatic on the corner he will soon be competing with the rats that emerge in packs to vacuum up the few scraps of food that have been left behind.  When the mandate to wear masks in public goes into effect by KING CUOMO do you think Jeremy will finally be taken care of?  The answer – No!  He is part of the legion of forgotten who now live in the streets and subways of NYC.  The only ones helping him are the Guardian Angels.  

Mexico City Guardian Angels “FEARS NOT”

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They are without a doubt “The Bravest of the Bravest Guardian Angels”. They are the Guardian Angels in Mexico City. It was back in 2017 that a series of severe earthquakes had crumbled areas in Mexico. The Guardian Angels had trained in Search and Rescue with their Fire Department and sprung into action. They threw all caution to the wind. They got onto their Guardian Angel search and rescue equipment and went into stricken areas to sift through the dangerous debris as they helped rescue survivors. They continued arriving at various rescue locations to help in the search for any sign of life. The Guardian Angels of Mexico City were BRAVE to do that day and nite. But this next project that they have taken on is without a doubt the BRAVEST yet. Christian our Chapter leader of the Mexico City Guardian Angels has established a great working relationship with government groups and nonprofits.

They understand that it is through PARTNERSHIPS that you build trust and develop working relationships with people of like mind who are also doing good things. Imagine going into a Mexican Prison in normal time. It is rough. Imagine volunteering to go into these same jails during the spread of coronavirus to help administer the coronavirus test to the inmates because there are not enough trained professionals to do it. The Guardian Angels have gone through their training and are volunteering in the Tizayuca district prison to help monitor the inmates.This fits the definition of what being brave is.

Helping Martha the Homeless Woman on Easter Sunday

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Easter Sunday and the Guardian Angels are feeding and cleaning up the homeless and EDP’s who are EVERYWHERE. Here is Martha who has lived in Penn Station for 4 years. She is dramatically disturbed to the point where she can only now speak in gibberish. I remember her 4 years ago when you could have a somewhat normal conversation with her. Living in Penn Station has aged her dramatically and caused her to move into the TWILIGHT ZONE. Her legs were infected and in need or medical attention. None of it would be provided by the city or state that acts normally as if these fellow citizens of ours don’t even exist. I helped her clean her own legs with the alcohol solution and then nourished her ravished body. At the rate that Martha is deteriorating she will soon be in a pine box buried in Potters Field “Heart Island.” She is someone’s daughter, she has a family, but her mind is so damaged that it is impossible to recover that information from her. On this Easter Sunday we should all look at her and ask ourselves how in the richest country in the world with such enormous resources in a city that is the economic engine for the whole world that we allow Martha to wallow in her feces and urine and act as if she doesn’t exist. Shame on all of us – Where is the humanity? It was bad before the way we would ignore these fallen people but now the spread of coronavirus gives us a chance to close our eyes and run away. We, the Guardian Angels, will not forsake the forgotten.

New York Post: Guardian Angels respond to NYC’s surge in coronavirus-related burglaries

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The Guardian Angels are deploying a dozen civilian crime-fighters to neighborhoods that have been hit hard by a surge in commercial burglaries tied to the coronavirus crisis, founder Curtis Sliwa said Tuesday.

Six teams of two Angels each will patrol the South Bronx from around 3 p.m. to midnight Tuesday, distributing flyers in both English and Spanish and seeking information about break-ins and other problems at local stores, Sliwa told The Post.

“We’ll be stopping by, asking the owners if everything’s OK,” he said.

Sliwa, who likened the operation to a “wellness check,” said his group mounted a similar effort in Manhattan’s Washington Heights on Monday and would also target high-crime areas in Queens and Brooklyn.

Sliwa said the coronavirus outbreak has led many 24-hour corner stores and bodegas to scale back their hours, leaving them ripe for burglaries.

“The local thugs know that. And they know they can either bore in through the roof or bore into the back, or do a smash and grab if necessary,” he said.

In addition, Sliwa said, last week’s guidance from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for people to wear “cloth face coverings” in public lets crooks easily shield themselves from surveillance cameras without attracting attention.

“It’s called ‘flags up,’” he said. “They can be waving at the cameras and you will never be able to identify them because they’re wearing masks. The criminals know the deck is stacked in their favor.”

The coronavirus-related anti-crime patrols follow earlier efforts by the Guardian Angels to give away food to homeless and emotionally disturbed people — but only if they sanitize their hands first.

Last month, Sliwa — who co-hosts a midday radio talk show on 77 WABC — announced plans to run for mayor in 2021.

Data released Monday by the NYPD showed that 254 businesses were burglarized between March 12 — when Mayor Bill de Blasio declared a state of emergency over the coronavirus pandemic — and March 31, up 75 percent from the 145 recorded during the same time period last year.

Thieves “are taking advantage of the COVID-19 situation and targeting stores that have to be closed because of the executive order,” NYPD Chief of Crime Control Strategies Michael LiPetri said.

Featured on the New York Post:

Meet the Guardian Angels Keeping New York City’s Homeless Safe from Coronavirus – YouTube

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New York’s “Guardian Angels” have made it their mission to protect homeless people from COVID by passing out food — as well as hand sanitizer. We went with them.

The Problem that de Blasio Will Not Handle

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This is the growing problem that de blasio is blind to. A business that’s not essential is closed and they are starting to board the outside up. Some stores are considered essential and they are vulnerable to gangs of young people running through with COVERINGS over their face looting everything they can grab. Others know that these stores have cash and can be held up. Others are doing store break-ins through the roofs and the back doors. There are not enough uniformed NYPD because so many are sick with the corona virus or they’ve had to self quarantine. They are rarely getting out of their squad cars. The Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn are the boros that are having these problems. In addition to doing wellness checks for the homeless and the EDP’s in our city. We will now start doing public safety checks for stores that are still open. Drug stores, medical supply stores, supermarkets and bodegas. Our GA units will be mobile and will target those areas where these problems are already taking place. We will keep you informed.


The E Train – The Moving Homeless Hotel

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MTA Chairman Pat Foye proved that he doesn’t ride the subways by saying that low ridership makes the homeless situation look bigger. Either that or in his quarantine he must be in a drug induced psychosis..The homeless and the EDP’s use the E train in normal times as a Moving Homeless Hotel. Now they are flocking to the E TRAIN and it’s subway stations in record numbers. They use the E Train because it runs underground the entire way from the WTC to the Jamaica Ctr. It has the best bathrooms that are not only open but functional. The SACTUARY STATION station is 71st Continental/ Forest Hills. It is the Safest, Warmest , best location for begging and has the best bathrooms. Many of the homeless hole up in Sutphin Blvd/ JFK Airport Station, Queens Plaza, 42nd and 34th street. Each day we send an AM and PM Guardian Angel Patrol on the E train. They clean the hands of the homeless, then give them food, conduct a wellness check and clean down the seats and poles in the cars. The MTA maintenance workers are less and less. The BRC which got millions of dollars to do homeless intervention in the subways has been completely MIA. Every day and in every way the GA have filled the void. Pat Foye is so detached and delusional. Bring back Andy Byford.


Penn Station – The Land of the Forgotten Where Anarchy Reins

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This occurred within the last few hours. The Guardian Angels have had to lockdown Penn Station. There are no police. Anarchy prevails. At the top of the escalators at 32nd and 7th Ave. 8 big guys , fresh outta of Rikers, are starting fights and shaking people down. 4 transgendered prostitutes, fresh outta Rikers, are doing tricks for a dollar in the men’s room. The illegals who were not here last week have arrived. They don’t have the money for their weekly rent for a room, and without work, they are out in the streets. They are from Peru, Ecuador and Mexico. They are armed with knives to protect themselves from the others. Then there are the EDP’s, the drug addicts and alcoholics. Finally the elderly. Women and Men in their late 70’s. It reminds me of what’s it’s like in Jail. And I know because I’ve been locked up. It’s Bad and it’s getting worse. There are no homeless outreach workers from the city. And there are no THRIVE men or women doing interventions for the mentally ill. It is ANARCHY.

The woman in the wheelchair, without a portion of her leg, has lived in Penn Station for 6 years. The African American Woman behind her is 76. Neither of these women can continue to survive in this “DARWINIAN” Dante’s Inferno.

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