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Guardian Angels catch Verizon Thief

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This past Sunday NYC Guardian Angels Milton and Sylvia were patrolling the annual Kew Gardens Street Fair in Queens. About 1/2 way through the day a Verizon store customer was chasing a guy who had just robbed 3 cell phones from the store. Milton and Sylvia joined the chase and ran him down by 68th street and Queens Blvd. where the thief dove under a parked car. Milton and Sylvia dragged him out from under the parked car and placed him under citizen’s arrest. The NYPD from the 114th Pct. came and took him to the Precinct where he was booked. All 3 cell phones were recovered. The thief was 24 years old.

The Guardian Angels went to the Verizon Store which was located at 70th Rd. and Austin Street. The Manager Mrs. Latoya thanked Milton and Sylvia and told them that was the 3rd Verizon store robbed just this past week in Queens. There have been a rash of robberies of mobile phone stores throughout Queens. Remember recently a NYPD cop was killed stopping a Phone store robbery in Richmond Hill, Queens.

Milton and Sylvia have been leaders and trainers in the Guardian Angels since the 1980’s when they joined in the South Bronx.

Gangbangers throw up Trinitarios gang symbol at sentencing in ‘Junior’ killing

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EQ aka Benjamin Garcia and his patrol have been there to support the Guzman family every step of the way. Yesterday at the sentencing of the first 5 Trinitarios in the Killing of Junior Guzman the gang’s members were there in force to support their fellow gang members and to continue the intimidation of the family and supporters of Junior Guzman. The Guardian Angels continued their security for the friends and family. As you can see the Gang defiantly threw their gang signs back and forth in court. The Judge and Court Officers did nothing to stop it.

8 more Trinitarios will also go on trial for this same killing next month and the Guardian Angels will be there every step of the way for the
family and friends of Junior Guzman.


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The Mexico Chapter received official recognition for their participation in the search and rescue from the 2017 Earthquake a magnitude 7.1 rocked Mexico City  many of the buildings collapsing and killing over 200 people. It was a race to dig people out of the collapsed buildings, governemnt agencies and local agencies as well as Guardian Angels that have trained weekly for a natural disaster was also on the scene, lending a hand to clear debris.  Not only had they been in Mexico,City working around the clock, but another severe earthquake hit in an outlying area and the Angels took a team to that location as well. They deserve this recognition, and they stand proudly along side all the other governement and city organizations to helped  in this rescue. 

Guardian Angels Search for D Train Stabbers

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Subway Crime is going UP, UP and UP……. another violent attack and robbery

Crazy J and RV went our looking for leads in this case because the NYPD was doing nothing


“He tried to stab me over and over,” said Roberto Hernandez, 39, who was riding a northbound D train at 1:45 a.m. Saturday when a group of 5 tried to rob him of his cash then turned violent. “It bled so much I couldn’t see.”  Hernandez had a 12-inch slice to his left arm, staples in his head and stitches over a gash in his chest.  He had $20, his cellphone & a pair of Beats brand headphones with him when the brutes demanded his cash — but he refused.  When Hernandez pushed back, two of his assailants started punching him — and then one pulled out a 6-inch blade.  The would-be thief stabbed Hernandez in the head and torso, and the group then fled the train at Grand Street.

If you have any information about this vicious attack please contact the Guardian Angels at (212) 787-1625 email us at or call NYPD at (800) 577-8477

Stabbing at West 96th Street Subway Station

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So close to 20 thugs it turns out beat up and stabbed a 16 year old victim on a subway platform in the early morning hours. Crime is on the rise in the Subway. The victim opted to take the code of “omerta” when dealing with the police. He is following the THUGS code in the streets. “SNITCHES GET STITCHES and END UP IN DITCHES”.

The Guardian Angels sprung into action. Lacking any video or photos of the suspects Nancy Sliwa created a Wanted Flier seeking information about the crime. EQ aka Benjamin Garcia took out his patrol and combed through the streets and the Subway. The Guardian Angels informed the Public what had taken place and how to protect themselves in the future from this gang of thugs who are working the area. We will stay on this case until the thugs have been caught and brought to Justice.


Early Monday morning a teenager was stabbed by a group of men in an UWS Manhattan subway station near Central Park.  A 16-year-old boy was stabbed around 1:45 a.m. in an attack by a group of up to eight men on the station platform of the northbound C train line at the 96th Street-Central Park West subway station on the Upper West Side. The teen had stab wounds to the arm & torso & was transported to a nearby hospital in serious condition.  According to police, the group of men who attacked the teen is described as being in their late teens or early 20s.

If you have any information about this vicious attack please contact the Guardian Angels at (212) 787-1625 email us at or call NYPD at (800) 577-8477

Magnificent 13 becomes the Guardian Angels 1979

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Curtis Sliwa discusses the start of the Guardian Angels in NYC. At 23, Curtis Sliwa decided he had seen enough and with the help of others spearheaded a self-help, all volunteer organization that kept NYC subways safe and set the standard for a worldwide community safety revolution. Learn more at

Cleveland’s Annual St Rocco’s Feast

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Every year for the last 11 years the Cleveland Guardian Angels have been called upon by the community, Police & festival coordinators to help stop the violence between gang members that threaten the public’s safety at the Annual St Rocco’s Feast. People come from all throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania to attend this 4 day Italian feast. The Guardian Angels have many times stopped fights as well as gotten in between gang banger stabbing & shooting instances before they erupted into total chaos. For the past 6 years since our assistance there has never been a violent issue as we keep the gangbangers away and allow the public to come out and enjoy the festival. Every year the Guardian Angels conduct this safety patrol for 4 days straight from 5:30 pm to midnight Friday thru Monday on one of the most notoriously violent weekends, Labor Day Weekend. The Guardian Angels have such a pronounced impact that the local police supports their calls in every situation without hesitation.

Bensonhurst Feast

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In 40 years as Guardian Angels in NYC we were never asked to patrol the 18th Ave. Bensonhurst Fair in Brooklyn. This year was quite different. Because there has been a slow down of NYPD response the community and a Captain of a nearby Precinct asked us to patrol this very crowded 10 day Festival. The main problem was that gangs….the Crips and the Bloods were coming down to the Feast and starting fights with the local thugs.

Our Brooklyn Guardian Angel patrols have taken turns patrolling the Feast each nite. They’ve been breaking up fights and disputes and have escorted the Crips and Bloods away from the Feast. Milton, Sylvia, Crazy J, RV, Jaguar, Raven, Robo Cop and Lou’82 have been doing the bulk of the patrols.

The community couldn’t be happier for the support that we’ve given to their beloved annual feast.

Junior Guardian Angels NYC Summer Camp

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Dennis Torres aka Super Stretch runs the Junior Guardian Angels Program out of his dojo in Washington Heights. Some of our Guardian Angels Chapters have Junior Guardian Programs but they are usually limited to certain times of the year. In Washington Heights the Junior Guardian Angels operate year round. When school is out……..Dennis Torres and his adult assistants run a summer camp for the Junior Guardian Angels. They get to visit places and experience new things in their life. In addition they are constantly learning about new things that exist in different places around NYC. With the Martial Arts training that helps build character, discipline and self esteem we are able to keep them out of harms way all year round. They are surrounded by positive role models. And they get to have a lot of clean, healthy fun as you can see from their recent trip to Coney Island’s Amusement Park.

Rio De Janeiro Guardian Angels Rush into Apartment Building on Fire

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The other day while on Patrol the Rio de Janeiro Guardian Angels spotted a fire raging in a nearby apartment building. They immediately ran in to the burning building and started to escort residents out of the building. When the Fire Department arrived they gave the Guardian Angels masks so that they could continue to help them clear out the building as they fought the fire. Partnerships can be with all agencies involved in public safety. Police, Fire, EMT’s ect. There was great cooperation at the scene between the GA’s and the Fire Dept.

As an example the Mexico City Guardian Angels are constantly training with the Fire Dept. and the Mexico City Disaster Unit Response Team. The Guardian Angels in Mexico City have helped fight fires and have responded as trained emergency personnel when Earthquakes have struck all across Mexico.

This is the type of Partnership that other GA chapters should explore.

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