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Gucci Collabs with Adidas in Retro-Inspired Collection 

The first Adidas x Gucci collection dropped online last week, on June 7, and it is available to purchase solely via the ‘My Gucci’ or Adidas platforms. The items range in price, starting at $235 for the Adidas x Gucci ankle socks and going to $3,100 for the Adidas x Gucci mini duffel bag and $3,800 Adidas x Gucci Trefoil jacquard jacket. You can also get the Adidas x Gucci Gazelle sneaker for $850. 

Italian fashion designer and Gucci director Alessandro Michele first teased the collection back in February, when he had models walking down the Fall 2022 runway in suits with a joint Gucci/Adidas logo and capes with the sportswear brand’s iconic triple stripe down the side.

Michele is a longtime fan of Adidas and Gazelle sneakers. They hold a sporty retro glamour that appeals to his nostalgia for the past. The Adidas tracksuit—a sports version of the traditional masculine suit, was the collection’s staple, and it was redesigned and emblazoned with Adidas’ and Gucci’s emblems.

There are interlocked logos both in the women’s and men’s collections, which exude a gender-fluid, dressed-up athletic vibe. The Gucci green-red-green and the Adidas three stripes appear on the sides of joggers, sweats, shorts, and pencil skirts, while the lotus-shaped Adidas was redesigned in colorful renditions on oversized anoraks and belted jackets.

Michele’s Gazelles for this collection also feature the intertwined GG lettering. Other footwear items like clogs, flats, and pumps were also marked with the monograms from both labels. On luggage, the Adidas trefoil was joined by the Gucci logo spelled backwards, while the crossbody and tote were designed in an allover trefoil print. 

In an interview with Vogue, Michelle talked about this collaboration and how in the past, athletic wear used to be just for working out, but it has now become a style for everyday casual wear.  

“Today, sportswear has completely invaded the space of ready-to-wear. While in the ’90s it was more a juxtaposition, like borrowing sporty elements to be used as styling corollary, today the mutation is complete,” he said. He also voiced his opinion on Adidas’ classic shoe, the Gazelle:  “The sneaker will certainly have pride of place in fashion history books, it’s the shoe which has changed the perception of contemporary fashion.”

Handbags, golf bags, caps, skirts, and anoraks, every item collection includes the GG monogram and three-striped logo crossover.


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