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Gucci’s Spring 2022 Fashion Show Shuts Down Hollywood Boulevard

“It was a name that sounded so sweet, so seductive; synonymous with worth.” This is how Lady Gaga’s character describes Gucci in the trailer for Ridley Scott’s upcoming film, House of Gucci, about the family behind the name, and nothing could prove more true during yesterday’s show in Los Angeles. The Gucci Love Parade took place on Hollywood Boulevard in front of the iconic Chinese Theatre, also where the Walk of Fame lives and the Oscars take place every year. Walking the red carpet were “the friends of Gucci,” celebrities including Macaulay Culkin, Jodie Turner-Smith, Miranda July, and Jared Leto, also starring in the film as Paulo Gucci.

Alessandro Michele, who has been Gucci’s creative designer for the past seven years, has a deep love for old Hollywood. He originally wanted to be a costume designer, which is shown in how his collection reflects all decades of classic film. The show included special occasion dresses with cinematic sweeping gowns, wipe lapeled jackets paired with bright colored leggings, jewelry made from sex toys, and skin-tight latex and see-through lace. The suits were tailored to reflect the 1940s meets the 1970s, and some outfits featured western film influences and cowboy hats.

Gucci’s latest fashion show comes months after Fashion Week. Michele announced last year that Gucci would not be participating in the event, and rather that the brand would host their own standalone shows twice a year.

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