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Gunna Ends His Series With a High Note on DS4EVER

         Listening to Gunna is an experience that not everyone will love. His syrupy, smooth, melodic on often hypnotic, or futuristic beats can make a listener feel as if they’re levitating, while some might find it lacking in substance. However, for those that do enjoy Gunna’s music, he has delivered once again with one of, if not, his strongest projects with DS4EVER.

            In the fourth and final installment of the rapper’s Drip Season series of projects, Gunna made sure to go out with a bang for this album. This album is flashy and intoxicating, with each listen getting more and more in your head. Gunna’s vocal inflections carry a lot on this, as it does on most of his albums. The thing about Gunna is that, yes, he doesn’t really say much of note. And unlike, his contemporaries, such as Young Thug and Playboi Carti, he doesn’t have the type of one-liners and refrains that are so infectious that they end up getting stuck in your head. However, his melodies are where his bread and butter lie. On songs like “You & Me,” which features beautiful vocals from Chloe, you can see Gunna’s vocal ability on full display, essentially delivering a late-night R&B track. 

            Although I previously did say that Gunna doesn’t say much of note, there are a couple of tracks that do stand out to me for the lyrical content Gunna displays. On songs like the closing track “So Far Ahead > Empire,” Gunna’s more retrospective, being thankful that he made the decision to use his voice, even mentioning feeling pain for his cousin who got life. It’s a beautiful song that shows Gunna trying different sounds, something that he actually does at multiple points on this album.


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