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Happy birthday Original Yankee Stadium

Someone once told me that when they built the new Yankee Stadium that the spirits crossed the street to the new home.

A spiritual adviser from the Bronx neighborhood that the stadium’s sit on told me that the spirits were still on the old grounds.

Well, I don’t know if this is true or not but When I am having some difficulties in life I use the original Stadium site as my personal church or cathedral. There have been times when I just wasn’t happy with certain things in my life and I would cross the street from the new stadium to the old stadium and meditate and pray to my God and my baseball Gods. I can honestly say that I always feel better afterward. It’s always my time to be able to communicate with Thurman and Murcer and Catfish and Oscar and Mantle & Maris, Yogi, Elston, and of course Billy & the Boss. However, let’s not ever forget The Babe and Gehrig.

Today being April 18 I decided to bring as many neighborhood kids as possible to the old or original Yankee Stadium to celebrate the 100th birthday of this grand old lady (Yankee Stadium) and educate the kids about the greats that once played on this hollowed ground.

I had Ralph Bracco and George Papadimatos two of my actor friends and long-time Yankee fans share their Yankee stories and the reason for loving the Yanks. We sang happy birthday and explained to the kids the importance of always respecting and appreciating the fact that they get to play on the same field that so many great players and historical things have happened.

Yes, Babe Ruth and so many others achieved some great things here however this is also where Muhammad Ali fought for a World Championship and where Nelson Mandela spoke for world peace.

The original Yankee Stadium is truly a very historical place that also served as my own personal playground when I was a Yankee batboy 50 years ago.

I urge all baseball fans to do yourselves a favor and visit the house that Ruth build before you cross the street to the new house That The Boss built.

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