Harlem’s first state-licensed cannabis store

Get ready, Harlem, because something big is about to go down on 125th Street! Imagine this: the first-ever state-licensed marijuana store is getting ready to open its doors across from the legendary Apollo Theater. It’s a groundbreaking move that’s stirring up both excitement and controversy in the neighborhood.

Say hello to Gotham Buds—the brainchild of people with deep Harlem roots. They’re gearing up to make their grand entrance on September 5, right after battling it out against some fierce opposition. Local merchants and politicians weren’t exactly excited about the idea. But guess what? Gotham Buds held its ground and won the battle.

In the midst of the anticipation, a legal challenge emerged—an injunction momentarily halted the state Office of Cannabis Management from distributing licenses. The concern? Equity. Certain applicants appeared to be receiving preferential treatment. However, a positive turn followed: Gotham Buds and a few other operators overcame this obstacle, meeting all requirements and positioning themselves to move forward.

Omar Tejada and Gregory Gray, the driving force behind Gotham Buds, are deeply invested in Harlem’s narrative. Their vision stretches beyond commerce. Their goal? To incorporate themselves into the fabric of 125th Street’s history. This isn’t just about selling cannabis; it’s about becoming a cultural cornerstone. Tejada and Gray’s actions match their words. Gray’s motivation runs deep—his belief in marijuana’s healing potential stems from personal experience, as he supported his son through significant health challenges. And Tejada? He’s on a mission to foster responsible habits, educate the community, and build connections within the world of cannabis

Jeffrey Lopez, the Chief Operating Officer, has a story that’s been quite the ride. He’s gone from facing marijuana-related convictions to now steering the ship of a fully legal cannabis store. His
goal now is to ensure young individuals steer clear of similar paths.

However, it’s not all applause and cheers. There are some valid concerns in the air. Assemblywoman Inez Dickens isn’t completely sold, fearing an overdose of the “green” in the neighborhood. And, let’s be honest, with shoplifting worries in the mix, her concerns hold weight.

Yet, Gotham Buds isn’t merely paying lip service; they’re walking their talk. They’ve rolled up their sleeves and engaged in heartfelt discussions with their neighbors, working to address concerns and showcase their commitment to harmonizing with the community.

As the countdown to the grand opening marches on, Harlem is on the cusp of a significant transformation. Silently observing, the Apollo Theater stands witness as Gotham Buds readies itself to script a fresh chapter in Harlem’s narrative—one that extends beyond commerce, embracing community, change, and navigating the path to balance in this brave new world.


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