Fashion Designer of the Month for January 2021


Harris Reed is a fashion designer famous for clients like Harry Styles, Ezra Miller and Solange. The 23-year-old designer is a graduate of fashion’s “most prestigious graduate school,” Central Saint Martins and has been challenging norms in the fashion and identity world ever since.

Reed emphasizes fluidity in all their clothing and told GQ that gender fluid clothing is the new frontier an allows people to express so many different looks with the same clothing. “I might wear the same blouse I made for Harry,” they said, “and I might wear it in a very feminine and sweet and innocent way. Harry’s onstage, chest fully out, sweating, rocking out. He really reclaims it for his own self”

Their fashion pieces make statements and challenge expectations which allows them to explore different forms of beauty and expression. Reed’s clothing is somewhat reminiscent of the androgynous clothing David Bowie and Mick Jagger wore, with the bell bottom sillouettes and ruffled shirts. However, Reed takes it a step further and really explores fashion in a way that is unconstrained by gender norms.

Reed says that the reason for this shift away from gender barriers is because of the rise in trans and gender-diverse voices being heard in the fashion industry, which is creating a new fashion world which emphasizes expression and not conformity.


Past Picks of the Month

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