Have your LEGOS and Eat them Too

All your childhood dreams have come true. As a kid, I was told never to eat my toys. A life lesson that I have come to accept no matter how real my Barbie cupcake looked. But now the game has changed. Designer Akihiro Mizuuchi has created these chocolate LEGOS in strawberry, white, milk and dark chocolate for the kids inside us so we can have our playtime, and well, eat it too. There have been attempts at LEGO candy before with hard candies being sold as toys but they were never quite right as they did not fit together and allow for us to build things the way we were able to with real LEGOS. Mizuuchi’s design however, is both lifelike and tasty. The chocolate LEGOS fit together perfectly to build robots, cars and more. It’s the perfect treat. The one thing I have not been able to figure out however, is how we are able to do this without the chocolate melting in our hands? How did they create these robot chocolate LEGOS without it being smudged or melting? Magic, perhaps? A cold room and a pair of tweezers? We may never know.


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