Are organic foods a waste of money?

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From First Lady, Michelle Obama to Dr. Oz, the American public has been hammered for years on that buying organic foods is the way to go. But a new study shows that it might not be the case, research done at Stanford university found that organic foods isn’t any healthier than the more conventional produce. Further study has shown that organic foods carry fewer pesticides, the levels detected in the conventionally grown produce were well within federally established safety guidelines, the study says.

There isn’t really much of a difference between organic and conventional foods if you an adult and making a decision based solely on your health, said in a university statement by Senior author Dr. Dena Bravata of Stanford’s Center for Health Policy.

There is always a study that either says something is good for you like eating eggs is good for you then turn around to purpose that eating egg is on the same par as smoking; so don’t worry if you don’t agree with this findings. There have been other contradictory healths studies that makes us question what we eat.

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