Healthy is Wealth

Being stuck inside snacking every minute can become unhealthy. But surprisingly after the first few months of quarantine during this COVID-19 pandemic many households have changed what they bring into their homes. And groceries stores have seen a change in demand for certain produce. Prices on meat have gone up in grocery stores due to meat factories and companies being shut down from employee illness and grocery stores running low or completely out of stock on meat produce.

However, most households have already changed their diets and purchases to more healthier eating. More fruits, vegetables, immune boosting products, plant based and impossible meats have been the go-to during the pandemic. Food chains have seen a surge in plant based and impossible meat based products since April. Families are choosing to eat healthier, after all health is wealth. What you put into your body is very important. More important than exercising. 

According to a survey on they found that during the quarantine “consumers are spending more time walking, running, biking, doing online or at-home exercise videos. It was also determined that “Only 19% of those surveyed said they aren’t doing exercise. 

Although exercising is still a trend going into the second half of the year, 80% of what you eat is what makes the bigger  difference in your diet and body changing results. Only 20% of the results from losing weight or body change comes from exercising. More people are shopping at local farmers markets and gardens to get produce to eat healthy and create healthier meals. 

Restaurants have been back open,  but some still dont trust it or are going out, although new rules based on CDC have been in place for restaurants. Some restaurants are still only doing curb side pick-up as well. 

Some may think this pandemic has been the worst, but for some, including myself it has created more change and discipline for dieting, exercising, being healthy, investing in self, saving, and even creating your own small business and marketing these things via social media. 

Continue to watch what you eat and put in your body and look into the new trend of plant based meats and impossible meat produce.


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