Hello Everyone My Name is Infinite

Hello everyone my name is infinite! Before it was infinite they called me statistic, that wild puerto rican kid from the south bronx goes ballistic, 5 6 but don’t get it twisted, you’ll get lifted, besides his napolean syndrome, in any hood he’s respected as corleon, I say yeah next to diamonds in the rough I’m a sierra leone! Most drank 40’s of ole e, I was straight moet and chandon, wasn’t gang banging, we were a bunch of che guevaras, trying to make life more better, threw bombs to my dogs like mike vic, in the boonies in the bricks, our jerseys were guayaberas, turned a nyc housing authority lobby into la perla puerto rico!, with this place if your not familiar, ill just say on vaca this isn’t a place I recommend you go.
My roots run deep so I planted myself into these new york streets, a few branches sprouted a Whole tree, in a forest unseen. I was a ray of hope to the reys(kings) and (reinas) that couldn’t cope, they saw when I came and went, hear none see none, I helped with compra( food shopping) and rent.
I know it sounds dark, and wasn’t a loan shark, but when there’s no stamps or ebt and pockets empty, they didn’t mind me lending from what I made in the park. I know some might criticize, by all mean do, I’m not trying to glamorize, nor advertise, that would be disrespectful to the dead men in my crew, my retinas recorded I’m in playing it back for you, what I went through, what my crew went through, so maybe some can avoid it. In the hood my names exploited, if there was a hood pope I probably will be anointed, my peoples know I’m an anomaly, moms is christian while dad was god body, moms had me watching david and goliath, while dad made me quote the 1 – 36, and learn what the 7 * ( is, I went to a mosque and a church, I was reincarnated two times through mental birth but at the same time, I love rice and beans, I just don’t do swine. My thoughts run richly rampant reaching realitys realm of righteous religions, my brain rambunctiously races to revive non evolving radical minds.
My people, I know I look like a thug and that I’m probably “packn”, your right I grew up a thug life, I don’t carry a gun that’s for those c74 sons, but my mind is strapped for any given time like the tribe of shabbazz I can cause a verbal explosion. Chronic causes cranium corrosion, I can’t lie I grew up smoking lye, it made it easier. Because it was too hard to say goodbye to my men of yesterday, now I don’t need cannabis today to catch mind convolutions to let this pen bleed out like some poetical potion!
Hello everyone my name is “infinite”!
Infinite the Poet
Albert Carrasco

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