Underground Artist of the Month for August 2022


Her’s was a band made up of Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading that originally started in Liverpool. Considered to be an indie rock band, their music is made up of mesmerizing guitar chords and vocals that many consider to echo The Smiths.

Created in 2015, the pair became well known in their hometown of Liverpool, and started to tour locally. The band’s debut full length LP was released in August 2018, following the compilation of LP Songs of Her’s which had been released in 2017.

Unfortunately, the two-man band were killed in a car crash while driving from Phoenix, Arizona to Santa Ana, California on March 27 2019. Though the band is gone, their music still lives on. You can listen to their LP’s on any music streaming service, and learn more about the band and who they were on their official website: https://thatbandofhers.com/

What Once Was

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