Herschel Walker Receives Essential Endorsements

Herschel Walker, a Georgia 2022 Senate Primary candidate has been backed by two prominent Republican figures as the election year approaches. Both former president Donald Trump and Republican Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell have backed Walker’s senate campaign. The endorsements have a larger symbolic meaning that moves beyond just the support of the same candidate. 

Trump and McConnell have carried tension following the results of the 2020 presidential election, and even the former president calling for McConnell to be replaced as the Senate Republican leader. Despite their differences, both figures have united behind a single candidate, suggesting that the Republican leaders want to put differences aside to regain control of the Senate in 2022. 

Walker shares some personal connections to Trump, as Walker temporarily played for a Trump-owned USFL team. Additionally, the retired athlete is one of the political figures that has run for office without previous political involvement, offering some fresh perspective to the political process, just like President Trump in 2016. 

In McConnell’s statement, he said Walker can “unite the party,” and “help [Republicans] take back the Senate.” Rather than being held back by past conflict, McConnell has chosen to put his party before his personal battles. In the case that Trump runs for presidential office again in 2024, it is still unclear if McConnell will fully support the campaign, but he is certainly looking for a Republican-controlled Washington again.

For both Republicans and Democrats, this is a crucial race, as one more Republican Senator would take away the majority status of the Democrats. A household name like Herschel Walker, along with vital endorsements could lead Walker to a Senate victory. 


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