Male Model of the Month June 2020

The ‘Vogue’s model Toni Mahfud was born on  December 2, 1994, in Hamburg, Germany. Toni was raised with his parents and siblings and is the son of Syrian parents. His parent’s information is not available, but he has one brother named Jan Mahfud.

Toni works under ‘IMG Models’ and started his career as a model at a young age. He was interested in modeling and photography and had his parents’ full support as long as he finished university. It is known that Toni had finished his degree but there is no information on where he attended.

Around 2011, Toni was about to graduate from high school, and social media began to soar in popularity. He began by posting artwork that he created and his arts began to rise in popularity. By the time he graduated, Toni was already a celebrity in his hometown in Germany.

Toni’s social media fame was creating waves on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram where he posted his sketches and continued to grow. Alongside his art, he officially began his modeling career by sharing photos of himself through social media accounts. After his social media presence became well known overseas, he signed the contract with ‘IMG Models.’ He has been the brand ambassador for brands, including; ‘Gillette,’ ‘Tommy Hilfiger,’ ‘Edited,’ ‘Daniel Wellington’, and ‘OnePiece.’
Additionally, Toni participated in promotional campaigns for brands like; ‘Adidas,’ ‘Filling Piece,’ ‘Nike,’ and ‘ALLSAINTS.’ He also walked on the red carpet for the Tommy Hilfiger brand, which made him popular in the fashion world.
While Toni is a multi-talented model with many facets, he is also an art photographer, communication designer, and a blogger. In 2017, Toni was listed in ‘Vogue‘s ‘Male Models To Know Now.’
It didn’t take long and Toni also gained recognition beyond Germany and this was largely in part of his spotlight for his artwork being in the right light. Due to his recognition in the art world and his self photographed portraits of himself, top agencies like Givenchy and Tommy Hillgier quickly became aware of him.
Toni is a very reserved model, putting much of his private life in his shadow and projecting what he is comfortable sharing with the public and his fans. Toni is a very interesting model to follow and full of intrigue.

Toni Mahfud