Hesitancy of Fast-Food Vegan Options

“Going Vegan” is currently a popular diet option, but it requires a lot of planning, cooking, and inconveniences. Although some fast-food chains have made a minor attempt to offer vegan options on their menu, it has not come in the big wave that many thought it would. So, why are fast-food chains not jumping on this opportunity to compete with vegan options?

One major reason is that fast-food has never particularly catered to those looking for a healthier diet. Those that watch their calories just choose to avoid these places, or only go on rare occasions. Therefore, the idea of catering to diet fads has not concerned huge fast-food chains before now. 

Developing a recipe for imposter meat is also not an easy task. The goal is to make it taste and feel like real meat, without using any actual meat. This is going to require a lot of trial and error, so it’s possible that there are some chains that are still in the engineering process. Even the places that have released non-meat burgers have had some criticism that they do not have the right texture. 

It’s also an expensive task, to pay for the testing and manufacturing, so this is most likely not a priority to corporations that are already doing well with their menus the way that they are. It the vegan diet continues and proves not to be a “modern trend” then people can expect more changes to take place on the drive-thru menu. But for the time being, it seems this project is on hold. 


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